Kettles for Dummies and More: Angry, Reddening and Swinging

We’ve done the review of the most unusual coffee machines for you, so it would be unfair to pass their attention fans off tea. So we have found several bizarre teapots, which are able to change color, pretend to be a swing and much more. And to boil water, of course.

The most practicalin our review is a kettle which changes color depending on the water temperature. No, not backlight - such electric kettles are in any store. It exactly changes the color completely. This kettle stays black when filled with cold water. But when the water is being heated, it first becomes brown and then gradually turns red. When it turns red – that’s it, water is boiled. This kettle is positioned by manufacturer as a device for families with children. It is clear even for children that red color means danger..

Чайник, который меняет цвет при закипании

Music for our hearts. Another unusual teapot is a metal one with a whistle. Why is it unusual? The answer is a whistle. Do you think a whistle can’t be special? It can. Although the design looks menacing, but the tune is not! When the water is boiled, the most intricate melodies will be heard in the house.

Музыкальный чайник играет приятные мелодии

Everything for sad ones. If you have too much fun in your life and you're tired smiling all the time, the «Unfriendly service» is for you. Designers have come up with not just angular cups and dishes with sharp edges, but really gloomy cups and teapots. Jose Paulo Alves Corceiro got the project, which attracted the attention.

Угловатый чайник – для тех, кому круглый – слишком весело

Tete-a-tete. Cups and dishes Tea for Two is suitable for a constructive dialogue. Here plain dishes are supplemented with accessories that make a simple teapot not simple, but swinging on a swing. At least, a stand for the teapot is like a swing. You can pour the drink without removing the kettle from the swing and just tilting it.

Чайник-качели – для встреч с глазу на глаз

Photo: Shutterstock, Novate, Trendhunter.  

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