How Smartphones Save The Earth:

Three Best iOS Apps For Water Conservation

Still believe that smartphones are only there for entertainment? We don't think so. Your mobile device could be your first step towards water conservation. For example , you can start keeping a track of water consumption, turn on fake shower while visiting your friend's house or calculate how much water it takes to make your breakfast. Observing your contribution to the global environment is truly rewarding! Let us present to you the three best free applications for water saving.

1. For the shy cuties. Fake Shower App is a clever way to use the bathroom at a party. Generations of shy people used to open the tap to mute all unpleasant sounds that inevitably accompany some natural physiological processes. And gallons of water were discharged to the sewer in vain... You are enough contemporary not to have to choose between euphony and careful attitude towards water. All the extra noise would reliably drown in virtual water flow created by your smartphone. You have two options of water flow – either heavy or less loud. When you stop the virtual water waste, observe how much water you have just saved! Funny note: the developers have come up with the most convincing slogan for this application: "Because love is blind, but not deaf".

FakeShower: because love is blind, but not deaf

2 . For the crafty thinkers. An intimate journal is a great idea when you're 17. After that, you have less and less time for this kind of leisure. But you still can remember the habit of keeping a track of your life, if you are concerned with the global environment issues. Calculate how much water you have spent. My Water Diary app tells you where and how you can save. Record all you have completed during the day including showers, cooking, laundry, dishes, gardening etc. Enter the quantitative data: a big load of laundry for a family of three, for example and add it to the list. After a few days and you will be surprised how much water can be saved if the dishwasher runs only if fully loaded! The very process of saving served in a playful way: you can ask a friend to install the same application and compete with his or her household!

MyWaterDiary keeps a track of all your activities in terms of water consumption

3. For the smarty pants. How much water you spend by eating an apple? Half a gallon for rinse? How about an unwashed perfectly clean apple? Not at all then, you think? Nope, it's still 106 liters. Impressive? That's how much it takes to produce one apple, according to Waterprint app. It helps you calculate how much water you need for basically anything – from floor mopping to cement production. In order to understand how much water you've spent during the day, add whatever you have consumed and stare at the result in awe. Now think about your own waterprint and choose wisely. Do you really need these extra skinny jeans or you are going to buy them because they are 70% off?

Now you know how much water it takes to feed you and keep you fashionably dressed

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