Houses Become Wiser: From Kettle to Bath

While the system a la «smart home» is still quite expensive, the market is gaining gadgets that undoubtedly will make housing «smarter», but are much cheaper. For example a limiter that will not let the water in the bathtub overflow, a water-resistant speaker with lots of features and a kettle which can heat water to the desired temperature by the command received from a smartphone.

The deviceWater&Time will save absent-minded apartment dwellers from possible flood. The device is installed in the bathroom and it helps to save water significantly. It is only necessary to set the right time. For example, you know that water fills the bath for 5 minutes, press the right buttons and that’s all, after 5 minutes the water will be turned off. Moreover, this device will limit the flow of water for those who like to stay for a long time in the shower. This gadget has not been released on the market yet, but the sales are promised to start soon.

Гаджет Water&Time поможет предотвратить потоп в доме

But the device Touchless Toilet Flush Kit is already in the online stores. This sensors that are built into the tank and allow you to start the draining mechanism with a hand move over the toilet. The sensors of the device constantly scan the space above the closed lid. Originally it was planned that that Flush Kit will be used in public toilets, where visitors are often squeamish to push the drain button, which causes pipes clog more often. But recently a home version was released, which costs about $ 75.

But Sony has released a CD waterproof speaker, which is equipped with a microphone and even smartphone control buttons. So, this device can be safely taken to the bathroom and used to talk on the phone. The gadget can work not only with phones, but with computers or laptops. Speaker costs about 100 US dollars.

And the most expensive device of this review is iKettle WiFi Kettle. It looks like an ordinary metal kettle. But it has some very advanced features. For example, you can enable it from anywhere by sending an appropriate signal from a smartphone, a kettle is equipped with a Wi-Fi-module. You can also specify the water temperature you require. For example, 80 degrees for green tea or 90 degrees for coffee brewing. In Russia such a «smart» kettle will cost not less than 400 US dollars.

iKettle разбудит с утра хозяина и пожелает ему доброго утра

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