Household Cycle: Choosing Equipment

Today, almost one-fifth of the world's population already lacks drinking water. In order not to aggravate the problem, each of us should take responsibility for their own consumer choice. Appliances at home not only facilitate our life, but also help to save water and electricity, as well as utility costs. The main thing is to study the characteristics carefully before purchasing.

The quantity and quality of water depends on how H2O is distributed, stored, and, which is most important, used. Of course, most people in civilized countries, cities with developed infrastructure, where sufficient rainfall flow, lack of water is difficult to imagine. But being aware of the impact of individual consumption on the total "water image" in the world is necessary.

Washer. During a standard washing cycle, these devices use different amounts of water, and that is to focus when choosing economical device. Usually it spends about 50 liters, but it is still much less than hand-washing. There are models that need only 33 liters per wash cycle - such machines are the most efficient in terms of water saving. But there are antirecords starting from 70 liters. Check the specifications of the machine while purchasing.

Экономия воды зависит от выбора режима стирки

Practical tips:

- To be sure to save water, use the washing machine only when fully loaded.

- Modes with many operation need more water, so avoid them.

- Washing mode for natural fibers, particularly cotton, uses 50% less water than the one for thin, synthetic material and mixed.

- Use laundry detergent and fabric softener with eco-labeling, which means harmless ingredients both for human health and the environment.

Dishwasher. Manufacturers claim that these devices save on your kitchen from 8 to 14 thousand liters of water annually. Also dishwasher is better to cope with the task. Ecolabels on such devices will tell about energy consumption, water consumption, and the maximum number of simultaneously loaded. On average, in the standard mode, washing machine spends 14 liters of cold water.

Лучше всего загружать посудомоечную машину полностью

The instructions always specify water consumption in different modes, so that it can be controlled independently. Some models have a system Aqua Sensor / Water Sensor / Sensor system, which determines the transparency of the water after the pre-wash. If this water is pure enough, the machine uses it for the next wash cycle.

Practical tips:

- Use the dishwasher when fully loaded - for example at the end of the day. So you'll get a minimum consumption of water and detergents.

- As a rule, the most economical mode is indicated «AUTO»; it spends only 6-7 liters, so it is preferable to use it.

- Eco-friendly dishwashing detergent will make your plates and forks safe for health, and used water harmless to the environment.

Electric kettle. Kettles are usually used in our kitchens very unwise - they spend a huge amount and energy and water. But we boil water in the kettle too often, and the next time you change the water it is heated again. The main criteria for the selection of the kettle is its purpose is for what purpose you need water, and a number of cups needed. The most economical electric kettles are the ones with special temperature settings for brewing different kinds of beverages.

Такие чайники подогревают ровно столько воды, сколько нужно

Also there are device for heating small amount of water - they are ideal for those who like to drink tea alone, as well as models with additional functionality - for example, for making tea during the heating of water. For the most economical ones there are kettles with function of dosing water and coolers that not only cool water but also heat it.

Egg Cooker. This gadget is unfairly deprived by attention of buyers, and is rarely found in the kitchens of our housewifes. Many of us simply do not understand why we need a separate device, if we can just cook the eggs in a saucepan. But figures reveal that to cook 6-7 eggs about 1-1.5 liters of water are needed, and egg cooker on average spends only 50-60 milligrams, as the cooking is done by steam.

Многие яйцеварки еще и выглядят симпатично и украшают кухню

Responsible consumers, of course, should not ignore such innovations. Besides, now you can find a device combining the steamer and egg boiler, which certainly appeals to fans of healthy food. It's better to choose the egg boiler with a large number of cells as they spend as much energy and water, but make a greater number of eggs.

Mini washer. Such devices with high pressure, typically used for washing cars, machinery, as well as for cleaning swimming pools and gardens. These devices let owners of cars, motorcycles, bicycles, as well as residents of country houses to spend considerably less water than with a usual hose, not to mention efficiency. Due to the stream of water under pressure, the machine does its job quickly and efficiently without requiring additional rinsing, and sometimes even the cleaners are not necessary.

Некоторые минимойки имеют специальный эко-режим

To select a mini washer define, what pollution device must cope with. Device performance calculation is based on water consumption: as a rule, it is from 6 to 15 liters of water per minute. The second important parameter is the system pressure (from 70 to 150 bar), depending on which the possibility of purification of different degree of contamination is determined. Many models have a eco mode, used to not very dirty surfaces, when the costs of water and electricity are reduced by 20-30%. Another positive point: a high-pressure device can be fed with water for household purposes, sucking it out of the available reservoir; it is very convenient if you are collecting rainwater.

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