Hooking Case: Rules of Eco-Friendly Fishing

The most popular male hobby in Russia is fishing. Someone rides over hundreds of kilometers for the coveted trophy, and someone enjoys fish caught in the pond. What is needed for a novice fisherman? Can the favorite hobby be environmentally friendly, and how not to become a poacher in the dark? We will try to answer these questions.

Preparation and choice of location

The first and most necessary, of course, is tackle. The choice of hooks, rods and bait depends on the situation. The second is place choice. Someone did not inherit the «lured» place from father or grandfather. Look for the pond in advance, seek advice from «experienced» ones. This will depend on the duration of the campaign, and tackle box.

Счастливчикам «клёвые» места достаются по наследству

If you are traveling by car, once again make a technical inspection and fill a full tank. If you plan to go on hiking, try to keep the weight of your entire luggage not to exceed 20 kg.

Без коробочки для снастей рыбаку не обойтись

Third is clothes. The main thing is that it should not restrict movements, be breathable and, if possible, not too wet. In winter the most muffled fisher suffers most of all: it is easy to sweat, running from hole to hole, and then to catch a cold while sitting on the ground. In summer it is better not to fish topless! You will get burned and do not notice it.

Собираясь на рыбалку летом, позаботьтесь о защите от комаров и от солнца

Ethics and law: do no harm to nature and yourself

Regardless of where you are going to fish, it's important not to harm the fragile ecosystem of the river, lake or bay. If you go fishing for a trophy, take the trouble to find information about visited pond. After all, there can live rare or endangered species of fish. Believe me, the story in the style of «caught, but let to go because it is a rare» will cause more respect from the smart people than a silly bragging of illegal catch. Full tank of fingerlings will also not add the authority to a fisherman. Besides, sports and amateur fishing in our country is regulated by the law, the observance of which is followed by the organs of fishing control. And if in pursuit of the catch you will ignore the law, you may be subject to the administrative or even criminal liability.

Волховский сиг – краснокнижная рыба, ловить ее в Ладоге запрещено

Each region and each pond has its own set of restrictions and temporary bans, such as those associated with spawning, or size of prey. Study them before you go fishing. The current regulations for the North-West can be found on the website of the territorial Fishing Administration (information for recreational fishermen starts on page 35). There are also prohibitions across the country. Fishermen are prohibited to:

  • netting without a license;
  •  to wash vehicles (cars, motorcycles) in reservoirs;
  • fish near hydroelectric dams, sluices, water tower, in the reserves;
  • use electric fishing rods, spears, cats, firearms, explosives and poisonous substances;
  •  fish more than 10 hooks at a time.

Nets need a separate conversation. Some fishermen do not consider them an absolute evil, but in any case, the lovers of this kind will have to be licensed in the fishery protection inspections.

Допустимый размер ячеи сетей также устанавливается региональными органами Рыбоохраны

Another point: pinnipeds are often entangled in simple nets. For example, in the Gulf of Finland a few dozen of Baltic ringed seals, which are on the verge of extinction, die for this reason every year. There are special, safe nets for these animals, but, alas, they are too expensive.

Надзорные органы периодически патрулируют водоемы, так что не стоит надеяться на авось

Also, by law, the fishermen are obliged not to leave garbage and other wastes on ice and the banks of ponds to prevent contamination and clogging of water bodies and to take care of green spaces along the banks. In St. Petersburg, you may report about the incidents of poaching, and ask questions before leaving on a fishing trip by a hot line fisheries phone: +7 (812) 931-32-16.

Поймать, чтобы отпустить? Почему бы и нет

Swim, fish, big and small!

Those who fish not for the fish soup, and just for sport, it is useful to know how to release the fish without causing harm to it:

  • use hooks with pressed or cut beard, in order to minimize damage;
  • to remove the hook easily, make some needle-nose pliers;
  • to prevent damage to the scales, take the fish only with wet hands. But if you can't wait to photograph her, try to pull her out of the water for a very short time, holding by the tail and under the pectoral fins.

Fishing in an urban pond

There are those for whom fishing is a real passion, without which it is impossible to live the week. But what if you can get outside of the metropolis infrequently? The answer is simple – fishing in the city.

Помните, что правила рыболовства действуют и на территории города!

Unfortunately, most of the city's rivers, ponds and lakes are unsuitable even for bathing. In the Moscow River, for example, according to the environmentalists, every tenth fish has a genetic mutation. Nevertheless, the official ban on eating fish caught in the Neva river, for instance, does not exist. Many urban fishermen are not at risk even to share the caught fish with the cats. Others send it for examination. The choice is yours.

Рыбаки на Неве давно стали частью городского пейзажа

As a rule, in big cities, the water bodies are divided into two types: the main waterway and smaller rivers and lake. And to fish in each of them is a science with its own characteristics.

Big river. Luck is on the side of the active ones! You are not on a quiet woodland lake, and it is better not to sit for hours in one place waiting for a bite. All things should be packed in a lightweight backpack and gear - in a small waist bag. If there's no bites – then pull up stakes and move quickly to a new location. By the way, this is why a bicycle will be a great help in a city fishing trip.

Small river. You should pay attention to some places where the fish might bite better: borders of the calm water and currents, the areas above and below the rapids, designated with the reverse current, steep banks and overhanging trees. The water temperature in these streams is slightly higher than in large and the duration of the fishing season on them is longer.

Симулятор рыбалки, конечно, не заменит общение с живой природой

Incidentally, even those who rarely break away from the monitor can fish. And most environmentally friendly form of fishing in the age of computer technology is a virtual fishing simulator. At your choice there is a complete set of fish and tackle, and views of nature, apparently created on real photographs. However, the real fishing is much more interesting, anyway.

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