Holding Breath: Shall We Become Amphibians?

Well, at least for a while? But not entirely true amphibians, just to spend a vacation under water? The UAE has already come up with such entertainment for tourists. If daily life of a human amfbian doesn’t seduce you, then turn your attention to steam display, which was based on the «Star Wars» and has the name of Princess Leia. Well, if you are not interested in intergalactic sagas, please welcome a self-watering pot invented for couch potatoes in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Dive, rest. Experts of the international search engine Skyscanner prepared a report on the aspirations of tourists in 2024, and named their fantastic opus Future of Travel 2024. Experts suggest that the service will be so much rotated to face the tourists, that it will even collect their data in social networks in order to provide him proper reception and cater in details. Besides, tourism prophets promise the peak of popularity of underwater hotels by 2024. The first such hotel will be opened next year in Dubai. It will be called The Water Discus Hotel, and it will be completely «sunk» into the water. There are not such underwater hotels yet, but the same Dubai has a hotel, where there is a separate underwater luxury rooms.

Подводный отель Water Discus Hotel строят в Дубае, ОАЭ

Princess in the fog. Meanwhile, developers presented an almost ode to «Star Wars»: the fog display called Leia Display System (LDS). It works as follows: a fog is generated from distilled water in a special frame and then it is sent to the projector. It is responsible for creating the image with which even the outer manipulations are possibile. Thus, the system recognizes human gestures: for example, you can write or draw in the fog.

Дисплей Leia: будущее уже наступило

The image remains two-dimensional, but it exceeds analogues in times. While LDS authors offer their device to organizers of holidays and other entertainment events.

Potty, water! Product of St. Petersburg startuper Andrew Myaskov named «Growen» will teach any, even incapable of floriculture housewife to grow houseplants. Myaskov is going to produce self-watering pots under the «Growen» brand. This miracle of technology is managed by an application installed on a smartphone. It includes data on the cultivation of hundreds of species of indoor plants, so the pot will properly water and water sensors will measure parameters of the soil and the environment. And the device will regularly report to the florist’s mobile, so that he won’t forget the time to rearrange the plant or to spray it.

Самополивающийся горшочек Growen

Photo: Shutterstock, Growen, Angel.Co, Deep Ocean Technology.

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