Glance into the future: World 80 years later

And let us, dear reader, imagine how it will look our gadget column in 2095! In one embodiment, it will be a wonderful world, clean water is clean, the evil empire collapsed. A second version of the world is terrible, dirty, water coupons, zombies is about to come out onto the streets of survived cities. It seems to us that it is us and you on whom our future depends. And to frighten and to inspire you we present our both forecasts.

Everything is fine!

Russian scientists have come up with a truly unique car with a perpetual motion machine that runs on water: in a closed loop it turns hydrogen and oxygen into water - and vice versa. He can do everything that car does: drives (including on its own), parks and does not affect the ecological balance. This car is designed to defeat the legendary Russian unsmiling: when the driver gets behind the wheel, the scanner is located in the cabin, reads a person's face. And if the onboard computer seems that the driver is now too gloomy, the machine will not go anywhere. In order to improve the situation the driver should smile for at least three minutes.

Автомобиль будущего придуман для того, чтобы сделать водителей улыбчивее!

Zimbabwean engineers presented a curious gadget: the beam as thick as a matchbox, which can not simply recycle the energy of water, but to produce amount of it which is able to generate a modern, much more large-scale hydroelectric power plants. Design is kept a closely guarded secret, because in the process of elaboration of alternative "beams" - station. Interestingly, the cost of it is very low, about 50 global currencies.

In Brazil, a straw for the manufacture of beverages and drink "Bebida" was presented. It’s needed to put a tube in a glass of water, choose the desired mode in a portable device, and quietly sip a drink. Thus, you can make anything from milk to whiskey. The drink will not have the color and smell of the original, however, the creators of the tube assure that this problem will soon be solved.

Everything is terrible!

French scientists presented the gadget to separate water from the air. Such devices are no longer a novelty, and have steady demand, but in Frenchmen were able to add something new. Now the gadget is able to extract daily amount of water for one person in just two hours. It is compact - not larger than palm, pretty easy, and it can be adjusted to get the right amount (but less than the daily amount). Water from the usual sources of citizens is no longer available: seas, rivers and lakes are full of plastic and toxic waste.

Мировой океан так загрязнен, что воду приходится добывать из воздуха

China has introduced a new form of urban respirator: it is not thicker than a simple medical mask. The respirator can not only clean the city air, but also to moisturize it using a special system that produce water from the air. These masks can be processed free of dirt and germs, and carry up to six months. Breathing without a respirator in the near future is extremely dangerous: the air is saturated with phenols, dioxins, carbon monoxide and other rubbish ...

Дышать в городах будущего без респиратора невозможно

Well, dear reader, what future will you choose? The answer is quite predictable. And what to do next - we think, you know! Happy New year 2015!

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