Fresh air, clean water: Organising Eco-Friendly Picnic

Season of outdoor parties has already opened. And, of course, you do not want to leave behind the memory piles of garbage in the lake or in the forest or on the beach, do you? It turns out that you can have a picnic, after which no bag waste will be made. Yes, that's right: zero kilograms of garbage. We asked an expert and have collected a few simple rules. All this is not only environmentally friendly, but also aesthetically pleasing. And very practical!

"Just recently I was having an open air party on the occasion of the birthday of one of our clients, - says Julia Frost, catering company eco-employee, Massachusetts, USA. - About eighty people were invited. And we have not made a single garbage bag. It seems incredible, but it is actually very simple. The main thing is to follow a few simple rules. "

Первое правило эко-пикника: многоразовая посуда

Rule one: dishes. In the name of goodness and purity forever give up on disposable plastic tableware! It's terribly non-green, plastic pollutes our seas and oceans. And hundreds of tons of water are spent for its production. And it's better to give up from the reusable plastic dishes too. The best option is wood. It weighs relatively little, and the production of such products is safe for the environment. You can buy ready-made tourist cutlery, but it will cost much. A cheaper option is to buy equipment from untreated wood. But then you'll have to experiment with lacquer and impregnation. But if all goes well, you can use these devices for many years.

Второе правило эко-пикника: никаких бумажных салфеток

Rule two: table, chairs, napkins. Paper napkins are also harmful to the environment. It is much easier to use or bamboo napkins - you can buy them in stores for home goods. Or simple tissues. Washing reusable fabric napkins will take less water than the production of packaging paper napkins. Another investment is folding table and chairs. They are inexpensive, need not much space in a trunk, but they can be used many seasons in a row. By the way, if you're organizing a party for a large number of guests, ask each guest to bring the folding chair. This will reduce costs. Julie advises to choose specially equipped picnic places.

Третье правило эко-пикника: все пищевые отходы – на компост

Rule Three: food. Firstly, there should be not too much food. It is unlikely that someone will drag home cooled barbecue, right? So don't be greedy, but economical: accurately calculate the amount of food. Waste appears in the process of cooking. Experts recommend to turn it into compost, a universal organic fertilizer that is suitable for suburban gardens and houseplants. This can be done in a conventional plastic bucket, even on the balcony of a city apartment, and the process of making compost takes about six months. "Our catering company takes all food waste just to make compost for the beds - we ourselves grow some vegetables and herbs, and the composting process is continuous. Our clients know about it and they like it, - says Frost. - Now it seems wild when cafe takes the leftovers after a picnic. However, in a few years, I'm sure, it will penetrate into every sphere. Eco-friendly lifestyle penetrates deeper into all spheres, and this is good news! "

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