Eco-Taps: Lace, stroking and figures

Faucets that save water, are now able not less than your smartphone. And sometimes more: to respond to the desired strength and durability of touch, weave amazing lace and teach you to save.

British student of the Royal College of Art in London Kew Simin came up with a tap, which is not only braids out of the water, but also guards the purse of a holder. Namely it saves water. Water in Swirl Faucet tap passes through a double turbine. This turbine separates the liquid flow and spins it in a spiral or cellular-openwork pattern.

Смеситель Swirl Faucet экономит воду и плетет кружева из нее

Also, the happy owner of the tap may choose the pattern of water. The talented British student came up with three options for water lace, which will flow from the tap.
Another turbine restricts the flow of running water to 15%, and only the power flow is needed for the creation of open-work patterns.

Another designer, Byung Yong Chi, came up with a mixer, which forces a person to save water. Externally faucet looks like a flat tap with a disk from an analog phone. Gadget is called Dial W, and a disl with the figures is needed to pick a time of pouring water. You can set the timer for 5, 10, 15 seconds or unlimited hands watering.

Смеситель Dial W с таймером воды

Third designer in our review is Jordan Tomnak who invented taps in high-tech style, stuffed with sensors.

For example, you can adjust the temperature of the water, just stroking a tap. It will be necessary to mix both red and blue diodes on the surface of the tap. The more red (hot) you add, the warmer water you’ll get. Exactly the same way (by a touch), you can adjust and water pressure. This touch panel on the tap is similar to a simple volume control, similar to the one that's just, for example, used in the Windows operating system. In all, nothing special. You can set the needed settings, save and always use them. Touch tap will remember everything.

Фото: Prolite, YankoDesign, Shutterstock.

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