Eco-Friendly Office: Income Without Harming Nature

It happened in our world, that the work is our second home. After all, modern urban resident spends almost as much time as at his own home in the office. We are sure, a place where people are working should not only be only profitable, but also environmentally friendly. And to make it so you can use a few simple gadgets and our good advices.

Saving. Before leaving, turn off the light!

Business is a part of the economy. And the economy, whether you like it or not, must be economical. So why not to start from your office? Here we give you a few simple tips that will significantly reduce the numbers in your utility bills. At the same time, you will contribute to the conservation of resources.

В конце рабочего дня выключайте компьютер – это сэкономит электричество

Take care of electricity. So simple to flip the switch, just coming out of the dressing room or the kitchen (if you have it). However, not every employee aims to count kilowatts. A good way out is to install switches with dimmers. Adjusting the brightness of the lamp will not only help to save money but also to create a comfortable lighting.

Control the flow of water and heat. Believe me, a banal installation of water meters and heating controls, followed by a demonstration of the deficit, may be a good idea to discipline employees. The more workers in your office, the more appropriate is to install the toilet tank with two buttons. Keep them in good condition is necessary not only at home but also at work: the tap from which water drips constantly consumes up to 2 000 liters of water per year.

Счетчики и реостаты – наши "зеленые" помощники

Discard the paper towels. Electric hand dryers will successfully replace them. Simple arithmetic: a roll of paper towels is worth about a hundred rubles. You will need about 3-4 thousand of rolls per month. Paying a couple of thousands for a heap, but not bad electric drier can recapture costs just in two months, and it will not certainly increase electricity bills seriously. The main thing is to choose the model that is automatically switched off as soon as you remove your hands.

Disposal: double benefit

The whole office can help nature by using of re-used resources. The most popular consumable product in the office is the printing paper. So why not to print some internal documents on both sides? This will help to preserve the water needed for the production of paper and to prevent cutting of trees.

Так выглядит самый экологичный офисный набор посуды

Avoid disposable dishes. Imagine the amount of excess plastic used by the employees drinking only several times from the cup of coffee! Paper cups, of course, are not so harmful for the environment and are biodegradable, but imagine how much water and wood would be spent on its production. Having a set of normal office dishes is not too expensive, but if the food is brought from home or catered, the perfect solution would be a lunchbox. You can choose to your taste a convenient and nice box for meal. And the real eco-fans choose stainless steel containers to transport food (which, by the way, are much easier to clean out from fat, than plastic ones!). A cheaper option is a simple glass jar with screwed cap.

Станьте пионерами раздельного сбора в своем офисе

Sorting waste. Waste should be separated into three categories: paper, glass and plastic.

If it's difficult to organize separation at the company level , do not despair and start to act in the extent of your personal workplace. If your organization is located in a big city, you do not even have to look for separate trash tanks. There are a lot of companies on the market today, which are engaged in processing recyclable materials, they are even ready to pay for your garbage disposal. Their addresses and contacts can be easily found on the Internet. For example, the map compiled by Greenpeace will help the citizens of St Petersburg to find recyclable materials receiving centers. In addition, students are still collecting waste paper, so colleagues who have children will thank you for a stack of old advertising brochures, magazines and documents.

Furniture and cleaning. Eco-friendly and clean

Furniture, made from recycled materials, and more specifically from cardboard can really help in the "green office" . You can even set a couple of cardboard tables, but for those who do not want to risk, it's better to start with shelfs for storage of documents. Built-up modular construction allows adapts to the size of the room. And in case of the workflow increase, you can always buy more modules.

Если боитесь, что картонные стулья не выдержат нагрузки, начните с полочек

Do not forget to order your workplace. After all, maintaining an office clean is also possible without harming nature. If you are the responsible manager and you have a kitchen, consider buying a dishwasher. First - precious staff time will not be spent on dish-washing, and secondly - it essentially saves water.

При желании всегда можно найти экологичные средства для мытья посуды и пола

Also it is necessary to take care of what your colleagues are breathing. Traces of synthetic assets, remaining after washing floors, can adversely affect health. To solve the issue of friendly cleaning once and forever use eco-cleaning fluid. The cost of such funds is around 400 rubles per liter capacity. It is composed of alcohols and organic acids, which are completely rinsed off with water without polluting it.

Planting. Let your office bloom!

Do you want to impress guests and clients of your company? The most simple, harmless and fun way is to make the office green. Be sure you certainly have a staff officer, who loves flowers and is ready to take responsibility for their care.

Зелень в офисе радует глаз и очищает воздух

Just do not forget - a place where people work is not the most comfortable environment for plants. To let your "green friends" please you as long as possible, follow a few simple guideline:

  • You should not have capricious plants, for example, orchids or roses. Office weekdays can easily destroy them.
  • Do not place pots where the temperature is too low or too high. To locate the tub with a big plant on the floor near the battery, near the drafty window or near the front door is not the best choice.
  • Keep the flowers away from people with cups. They will always be willing to "fertilize" the plant with the remains of tea - usually hot, sweet or stale. This kind of watering can cause the development of mold and insect pests.
  • A cactus in the office is not a good idea. Firstly, no any harmful radiation from the computers is absorbed by them. And secondly, in spite of the "desert" origin, cacti prefer to winter in cool conditions, what is unlikely for heat-loving staff.
  • Most importantly, do not overdo it! Try to find the fine line that separates a cozy, but business environment from the Vietnamese jungle.
  • If you want the air in the room to be as clean as possible - put Spatsifillum or Chlorophytum in the office. Not enough sunlight? Get beautiful Monstera, artificial lighting would be enough for it. If it is there's too much sun, on the contrary, dracaena or ficus would be a better choice. Well, if you are catastrophically busy and can't devote sufficient time to green pets, place sansevieriya (the plant is popularly called as Mother-in-law's tongue). Or dollar tree - Zamioculcas, which, according to popular belief, contributes to well-being. It will be easier to breathe, and what if your profits can really grow?

P.S. Having your office eco-friendly, think about the rest of the space around you. In summer, you can always abandon a car and ride a bike. A rise to the floor, where your favorite office is located is better using the stair: it not only results in increasing the muscle tone, but also saves energy. It's not necessary to wait for another Earth Hour!

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