Eco-diving: Effect of Total Immersion

Just think how many romantics were fell in love with the depths of the sea due to Cousteau and his Underwater Odyssey! But how should you start the journey into the depths? And what gadgets should you take to this unknown world? Thousands of divers around the world each year make their first dive. Who knows, maybe after reading our advice, you will soon find yourself among them.

Diving Centre. How to choose?

Thus, the desire to know the beauty of the deep sea has become unbearable. Where do you start? You can, of course, just buy the tourist ticket to one of the most popular resorts, and dive there for the first time. But there are a couple of nuances. First, the beginners always dive with instructor: in fact, you are just a driven by hand from fish to fish and from coral to coral. Secondly, whether you like it or not, water is a hostile environment to man, and the first dive is a little bit similar to the spacewalk. You must admit that such an event without prior preparation can end sadly.

Технику погружения и специальные жесты можно отработать и в бассейне

The most reasonable would be training in diving center, now they are available in many major towns. You can work out the technique in one of the city's swimming pools, and while on the vacation at the sea. There are two the most fundamental questions - what system to start learning and how to choose the right instructor. There are about a hundred different acronyms in the list of federations and underwater sports associations, but don't be afraid - to almost any system it is called the introductory course OWD. The most common and most authoritative technique whose certificates are valid all over the world are marked by the letters SDI and PADI.

Талант педагога – качество, необходимое хорошему инструктору

In order not to be mistaken with the choice of a mentor, here are a few signs of the «correct» instructor. Personal experience is extremely important (the more dives, the better) as well as regular practice. It is believed that the good instructor is a dry instructor. And it is fundamentally wrong. The more time a diver spends in the water, the greater personal resources are spent on their passion, the better he will become as an instructor for you. Education costs money, but you should spend it, because obtaining the truly professional class base will give you a powerful impetus for further development.

Equipment. Buying the most necessary.

The price range of equipment for scuba diving is truly endless. For a novice depths conqueror there will be suitable an economy-class set, which will cost about 600 USD. And in order to feel like a fish in a water, you should adopt our recommendations.

Mask. For the soft part of the mask silicone is preferable, as it is more elastic and durable than rubber. Buy a mask only after fitting. When you inhale it should be fixed firmly on the face and hold it on without assistance. However, no part should put press on skin and cause discomfort. By the way, for divers with impaired vision a special mask with diopters is available. The snorkel will also be not excessive - for moving on the surface and for the air economy.

От выбора снаряжения может зависеть ваша жизнь

Flippers. There are fins with closed (for speed swimming and underwater fishing) and open (for diving) heel. The latter are preferred because they can be adjusted to the leg. Buying the open flippers you should also purchase special socks or boots, it will prevent the formation of blisters from callosity.

Protective waterproof suit. Under the water it acts as a second skin, so it is better not to buy it with online shopping. As a rule, wetsuits are made of neoprene - foam rubber. The deeper you dive, the denser it is. When choosing, it is necessary to tell the seller, how deep you dive, and where.

Гидрокостюмы без рукавов и штанин (shorty) стоят дешевле

Dive computer. It is your security deposit at depth. It is a clock, a thermometer and a depth gauge in one compact package. The lower limit of the price is about 12 thousand. The most important is to choose the one with the brighter screen. Most of these gadgets give an audible alarm at too rapid ascent or low pressure in the cylinders.

Underwater camera. Of course, it is not a mandatory element, but if you want to share the underwater beauty, you should choose one. You can buy a cheap waterproof action camera, as well as a full unit.

Профессиональная камера позволит запечатлеть всю красоту рифов

In addition, you may need a special bag, a pair of lamps, knife, and gloves. Air tanks can be rented on the spot.

Where to dive? Underwater hits.

There are a lot of amazing marine reserves and islands surrounded by reefs throughout the world, the main thing is to be able to get there. Someone dives for the bright colors and unusual encountings with marine life, while others prefer to explore sunken ships and aircrafts or caves. Each scuba diver has its own favorite places to dive, and we will tell you about the most popular ones.

По разнообразию кораллов и морской фауны Красному морю нет равных в Северном полушарии

Red sea. Not for the first time it firmly holds the first place in the ranking due to the best combination of price and quality. Before it was Egypt the diving Mecca, but now, due to the difficult situation, you can visit the Israeli Eilat. You can explore for hours the coral forest of all colors of the rainbow, and the rocket ship Satil is flooded not far from the coast that also attracts the attention of underwater tourists.

Краски Большого Барьерного рифа поражают даже бывалых путешественников

Great Barrier Reef (Australia). It is a famous natural landmark of the Green continent, which is characterized by a myriad of corals and a variety of underwater fauna. Since 1981, this place is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. Plus - because of the mild climate, you can admire this beauty all year round. Minus – it takes a long time to get to Australia, and it's expensive.

Таинственные пещеры и озера Юкатана – для самых смелых

Riviera Maya (Mexico). Second reef system of the planet after the Barrier Reef, is located along the Caribbean coast of the country. Also, on the Yucatan Peninsula there is an extensive network of karst lakes, caves and underground rivers with mainly fresh water - the so-called deep pools. Their unearthly beauty is loved by the divers all over the world, and the Mayans believed the area is entering the realm of the dead.

У спинорога острые зубы, и при встрече с ним стоит держаться на почтительном расстоянии

Maldives. Small islands in the Indian Ocean have become a symbol of elite rest thanks to divers. You need to visit this underwater paradise because of the abundance of bizarre life forms quickly moving in the eyes of the astonished tourists. You will remember forever tropical fish, giant turtles, rays, sharks, and the main symbol of the Maldives, clown triggerfish.

В Голубом озере можно увидеть стволы ископаемых деревьев

Russia. Yes, it is not the warmest place on the globe. Nevertheless, Russian diver has something to see. Above all, of course, in the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory. Novice diver must pay attention to the Crimean peninsula Tarhankut. Anyone can find a quiet place for safe diving here. A monument to the Soviet past Walk leaders with a flooded sculptures is organized by divers at a depth of 12-13 meters a little further south.

У такой красоты – балтийской – тоже найдутся свои поклонники

Fans of unusual things may go to Tatarstan. A unique natural formation, Blue Lake, is situated just 20 kilometers from Kazan. The depth of the whole lake chain is not more than a couple of meters, but in one place the failure of karst collapse forms a funnel with a depth of 16 meters. The water in it is crystal clear, visibility exceeds 40 meters.

We will advise the lovers of cool water to go to the Baltic coast. The village Amber is located next to Kaliningrad, up to 90 percent of the world reserves of amber are mined and processed there. A major attraction for divers is a flooded amber quarry called Amber Lake.

Do no harm! We care about nature.

Let's assume that the call of the depth has done its job, and you are under the water. You are protected from surprises as you listen to the instructions. But who will protect the fragile ecosystem of the ocean from you? In order not to endanger marine life and yourself, follow these simple tips:

  • Follow the rules of the local diving center and fishing laws. No jokes with the law.
  • Do not disturb local residents and so, moreover, do not touch them. Of course, it is funny to watch like a puffer swells into a ball, sensing danger. But, firstly, toys for you is stress for fish, and it may even die due to multiple transitions to the altered state. Secondly, cornered puffer is able to bite the finger. No kidding.
  • Do not touch by hands and fins even stationary corals. Also, it is good not to shake the mud next to them.
  • Do not feed the fish if it is not included in the immersion program. Unaccustomed food causes indigestion for human, and local residents can be killed by an uncommon food.
  • And finally: watching the beauty of the ocean not from the TV screen, but by your own eyes, think about how it is vulnerable. And it depends only on us whether we will preserve it for posterity or not.
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