Eco-Design: Creating Green Environment at Home

Life in the city cannot be called environmentally friendly. In very advanced cases, the content of harmful substances in the apartment may be 2-4 times higher compared to the polluted city air! This is worth remembering, making home repairs or deciding to fill your place with new furniture. Read and learn what materials will really create your house cozy and which are real time bombs.

Finishing without harm

The purpose of repair in a city apartment is to provide comfort and to create beauty. In order to make this beauty not fatal, before going to the hardware store you should learn all the safe choices and be guided not only by the desire to save money. Think about the health and future of yourself and the entire planet.

1. Wallpaper

Without wllpaper your house is not so cozy, but its choice should be approached wisely.

Vinyl or Interfacing. If there are (or are planned to be) small children in your family, purchase of the vinyl wallpaper should be abandoned. Yes, they are bright and easy to clean. But, first, walls, pasted by these wallpapers cease to breathe, resulting in the formation of harmful fungus. And secondly, the composition of PVC includes formaldehyde, contributing to the development of children allergies and asthma.

В детской комнате лучше не использовать виниловые обои

Textiles. These wallpapers contain fibers of natural fabrics. They are complex in the sticky, but have a beautiful texture. The main thing when buying is to ensure that its basis is not foam rubber, and its composition has no synthetic fibers.

Старые добрые бумажные обои не помоешь, но вреда от них меньше

Paper. Simple, cheap, relatively eco-friendly and allows the walls to breathe. If your family does not have a large income, you can safely glue it, including in the baby room. You will not be even sorry to replace wallpapers painted by your baby.

Обои из растительных материалов необязательно красить

Wallpaper from plants. The most secure option. Are fabricated on jute, buddle, bamboo or cane base. Incredibly beautiful, eco-friendly and wear-resistant.

2. Flooring

Most often in the apartment we are in contact with the floor. We, our children and pets walk on it, it is in our interest to choose the right floor covering and keep it clean.

Если полы с подогревом, выбирать покрытие стоит особенно тщательно

Linoleum. About the same as vinyl for wallpaper. Fairly, note that there is eco-friendly linoleum, a jute fabric; PVC is replaced by a flaxseed oil, pine resin and wood flour. But the cost of such coverage can compete with the price of good parquet.

Сегодня на рынке нетрудно найти линолеум на натуральной основе

Laminate. Nowadays a very popular kind of coverage. But in terms of harmfulness, it is not much better than linoleum. Laminate is especially dangerous in winter when heating from radiators warms it. Formaldehyde begins actively releasing at higher temperatures. In this regard, laying it on the heated floor is also not recommended.

Fitted carpet. Relatively safe material. But if your family has allergies, think once again. In the fibers of the carpet microscopic mites that cause allergies can stay.

Лак для паркета на водной основе – наиболее безопасный

Parquet. Option is not cheap. But the right flooring can last for decades. The main thing is to choose the right paint for its coating. The safest option would be a water based lacquer. It is non-flammable and contains no solvents, so during the processing of the parquet chemical smell will be weak and will not last very long.

Пробковый пол: мыть можно, но осторожно

Cork. Material that can be used without risk even in nurseries and bedrooms. You can walk on it easily and pleasantly. Besides, it's hypoallergenic, durable and safe. To wash this floor you will not need a lot of water - on the contrary, it can only be cleaned by well wrung out, damp cloth.

3. Paint

Painting walls or interior details is a great way to feel like a creator. Though not of great paintings, but of the family comfort.

Краски должны не только радовать глаз. Обращайте внимание на их состав

The choice of paint should be approached with extreme caution, because it is believed that the production of a liter of some kind of paints produces up to 30 liters of toxic waste. To find eco-friendly paint, follow our tips.

Старую краску неизвестного происхождения лучше не использовать

  • The option «Not to lose any of the goods!» is not exactly the case. Old paint found in a closet or garage, contains a large amount of lead.
  • Remember three terrible terms VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), fungicides and biocides. Even after drying, the coating containing these substances will poison the atmosphere of your home for about five years.
  • Even the catchy words «eco-friendly» do not mean complete safety paint. Some simply add less synthetic components. There are paints in which a chemical solvent is replaced by natural based on citrus plants, but they still emit VOCS, though in smaller quantities.
  • Bright matte paints are relatively safe. The fewer colors are in the coating, the less harmful the chemicals are. You could also try a latex or acrylic – they contain no lead and mercury.
  • The best choice for interior decoration would be casein paint. In its production milk protein casein, ordinary lime and natural dyes are used. The only drawback is that the paint dries longer than usual, but you can bear it for the sake of your own health.

Казеиновые краски делают на основе вещества, получаемого из молока

Interior: with love to nature

The fashion for green apartment is gaining more fans. However, it is worth noting that green interior and interior in eco-style are absolutely different concepts. You can, of course, paste the wall with rubber flowered wallpaper, put «wooden» laminate on the floor and put the wooden furniture covered with several layers of varnish acetone. To call this house eco-friendly would be difficult. Here are a few tips on how to stay in the current green trend and not to hurt yourself:

  • Not only the beauty and naturalness of the product are important, but also the amount of waste generated during its production. Also pay attention to the possibility of disposing of the expired object.
  • To be eco-friendly is now fashionable not only among the consumers, but also among the producers. Therefore, the methods of energy production are also important. Rest assured, if your rug is woven on machine, powered by solar or wind energy, the manufacturer will surely emphasize it. Like the fact that the furniture is made from waste products.

Вторичное использование ящиков – неплохая идея для эко-интерьера

  • The smaller the material is processed, the less energy and water is needed for its production. To go with the extreme, getting splinters from rough boards of the table, of course, is not necessary. Just make sure that the object retains its natural texture.
  • It is important that the interior decorations were made from natural and renewable resources. No plastic and metal! It is better to choose ceramic flower vases. The furniture made of wood or rattan. Padding on it made from unbleached fabrics, colored with natural dyes: as it is known, in the manufacture of textiles in the usual way a huge amount of water is spent. Unbleached wool, cotton and linen are suitable for curtains and drapes. Instead of synthetic carpets lay on the floor mats of plant fibers, straw, jute, or bamboo it is easy to handle and it grows very quickly.
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