Duoset Flush System: From Australia with Love

Flushing the toilet uses dozens of liters of water daily and so, for those concerned with conserving resources, this is something worthy of particular attention. Outdated “pull the chain” systems which discharge all the water in the tank are out of favor these days. Modern dual-flush systems minimize water flow, which results in significantly less water being used.

The Duoset system, invented by Australian engineer Bruce Thompson in 1980, has two flushing modes, regular and economy. The first one flushes 6–8 liters of water, while the second one needs only 2–4 liters.

Some people still underestimate the power of the “small flush”. Modern cisterns are equipped with a part that actively the spins the water, giving the flow extra force, rather than just letting it fall. 

Another type of water-saving toilet is equipped with an aqua-stop, or water-control mode. By pushing the flush button once you let the water flow, and by pushing it again you stop it, thus allowing you to regulate the amount of water needed for flushing.


• Correctly used, a Duoset system could save up to 25 cubic meters of water per year.

• Duoset flush systems are widely available and a variety of models can easily be found in any bathroom store.


• A toilet with a Duoset system costs more. However, the extra cost will in time pay for itself.

• Plumbing skills are needed to install a Duoset system as certain adjustments need to be made.

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