Do Not Spill: Brick, Mirror and Mat Teach to Save Water

The gadgets-limiters simply limit water usage when the user spends too much of it, and the category of advising devices tell you when to turn off the tap. The second type is our three current «thrifty» gadgets.

The first gadget in our list is definitely for females. Mirror! Designer Young-Jin Kim came up with a mirror on a stand that does not give her mistress thoughtfully gaze at her reflection while water is flowing from the tap. This mirror will tell you how much water had been spent during the last minute, day, month and year. Colored sensors are installed along the contour of a round glass. 24 blue ones, this is the clock, 12 orange ones for months, 365 green ones for days.

Умное зеркало следит, сколько воды вы израсходовали

Water consumption is dependent on the brightness of the color of bulbs. If much water is spent, light bulbs burn brightly, if everything is in ok they are dull and you can safely gaze at a beautiful face. For greater clarity information about money spent on the water is shown on the screen (the surface of the mirror). Also, this device allows you to set a limit of water that can be spent.

The second gadget is a brick. DROP-A-BRICK that’s how the device for saving water in the toilet is called. Of course, the developers of «Just throw a brick» have not invented the wheel, but took idea of the older generation, who used to put a stone or brick in the cistern.

Специальный кирпич позволит сэкономить воду в сливном бачке

Of course, DROP-A-BRICK is a fake brick, it does not crack and will not make scratches. It is made of porous eco rubber. And it can help zealous owners save about 190 liters of water for only one week. A new brick weighs about 300 grams. But after laying down in the cistern, gaining weight and absorbing water, it becomes up to 2 kg heavier.

Well, and the third device is a mat for the shower. It literally does not give a person a single step of the way. Like, you have come to take a shower - so wash up. Mat REDUCE-YOUR-USE is laid on the floor of bath or shower and synchronize with shower. Pressure sensors are embedded in mat. While the person is on the mat, water from the shower flows. If he steps to the side, the water is turned off. According to the developers of the device, this technique will allow to save water when washing process is finished, and the person just wants to stand under running water.

Коврик поможет сэкономить воду в душе


Photo: Shutterstock, Osocio, YankoDesign.

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