Devices of the Future: Savings, peace and no hydrophobia

All this is about three different gadgets. They have a lot in common: they are somehow connected with phones and are not afraid of water. One of them saves water and electricity, another one sustains bites and swimming, and the third one is not afraid of it at all. More precisely, it will soon be not afraid of it. But let speak about everything in order.

So, the first gadget. Blue Freedom. It offers its owner to save and not to depend on electrical outlets. It is the smallest hydroelectric power plant in the world. It is interesting that its appearance was made possible due to Kickstarter platform, where hundreds of people invested in the production of «Freedom».

Blue Freedom – самая маленькая гидроэлектростанция в мире

This mini-hydropower plant produces electricity from flowing water. Creators of the device didn’t not think of people who don’t save water from the tap, but of those who will use the energy of all kinds of rivers, streams and waterfalls.

«Blue Freedom» works as follows: turbine of the gadget starts to rotate in running water and generates electricity that is accumulated in the internal battery. After that, phone or tablet can be charged from the from this baby-hydroelectric station. This can be made even away from the civilization. Anyway electricity is saved.

Famous Motorola and Hubble invented our mysterious gadget number two. The one who loves to swim and is not afraid of the teeth. Are there any suggestions about it? Prompts: smartphone. Why does he have to swim and not to be afraid of teeth? Because its owner loves it all. Who is the owner? A dog!

«Умный» ошейник не боится воды и зубов

It's about the first smartphone-collar for dogs. That is why this device is not afraid of swimming and teeth. Collar Scout5000 has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and provides information about the animal directly on the phone of dog’s owner via 3G network. There is a speaker, which will give the dog a voice command of the owner. Also collar can monitor the health of the dog. There is a video camera on it that is activated when the dog is moving. And if the dog is lost, it can always be found via GPS.

The third news comes from one of the most expensive companies in the world, Apple. Fans of the brand know how complicated relationship of Apple gadgets with water are. So, the development team is working on a waterproof material. It will be applied not to the enclosure, but on the parts inside. The Office of Patent and Trademark of United States received from the company an application for a patent of hydrophobic coating. It is known that the layer will not exceed 10 microns and it will cover all kinds of chips. Experts suggest that it may be tried on the next-generation iPhone, because all these Apple devices often get wet in the rain or after being dropped into the water.


Фото: Shutterstock, Kickstarter, PopSci.

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