Country House Water: Preserve and Increase

A couple of weeks more, and thousands of people will be pulled away from the city on the trains and cars, bored by the winter. But favorite "hacienda" can also make you get bored if you don't make any varieties in her appearance. So why not to do it with the help of water? We'll show you, how to combine economy, care of nature, functionality and beauty in one.

Artificial pond

Of course, it is a great success to have a country station on the waterfront. But, suppose a river or a lake is far away from you, and you want to win a quiet corner where you can meditate from a noisy world. And an artificial pond will be the most simple and environmentally friendly solution for these purposes. Today, almost every major city has companies involved in the creation of decorative ponds. Each has its own rates, which you better have to understand yourself.

Создание и поддержание в порядке собственного водоема может показаться делом нудным и затратным, но это не так

The size and material. Landscape designers say that the ideal size of the pond is 3% of the total area of the plot. After calculations, you can begin excavation. After this trench it is coated with a special film or a large "tub" of plastic is put in it.

Стоимость «ванны» колеблется в районе 20-40 тысяч рублей

The advantage of plastic film is that pond can be of any shape. The advantage of plastic "tub" is that all terrain levels and the need to deepen have already been made by experts. You should better choose a larger "bath" - about three to four thousand liters.

Пленка должна быть изготовлена из экологически чистых материалов, безвредных для рыб и водных растений

Location. To create a secluded corner, dig deep in the area. Well, if you want to impress your friends and neighbors, feel free to arrange a pond in full view. Importantly, it should not be surrounded by trees: the chemical composition of water can be ruined by the falling leaves. And yet the shadow is necessary for your lake to avoid being over-grown with algae and blooming of water. Ideally, the pond should be kept under sunlight for about six hours a day, and be opened on the South-West side.

Flora and fauna

For the formation of a full-fledged ecosystem pond needs to be inhabited. When choosing fish and plants, you should be guided not only by the concept of beauty, but also by the climatic conditions in your region.

Еще одно популярное растение для пруда – пистия, или водяной салат

Plants. The two main tasks of algae in the pond are cooling and oxygen production. If the pond is small, it is possible to prevent it from overheating by arousing the normal water lilies in it. And unpretentious, but useful plants-oxygenators can cope with the supply of oxygen: Bog, Hornwort or Elodea Canadian. It is best to plant them not directly on the bottom of the pond, but in special containers. So they are better to treat and it will be easier to change the appearance of the pond, if desired.

Мини-водопад: не только красиво, но и полезно для пруда

Fish. If the pond is small, the size of the fish should not exceed the palm of your hand. At least 50 liters of water should be on the one individual. It is better to stop the choice on heckel or minnow: they do not reach large sizes, but you'll see a fun worn of silver flocks. So, how to do it without the "king" of artificial ponds, Japanese carp Koi! Important point: consider how your pets will spend the winter. If the pond depth is less than 1.5 meters, it will be chilled through, so fish will need to be "evacuated" into the aquarium. Heat-loving species will have to be relocated in any case. The temperature in the tank should be kept at 10-12 degrees, for fish to easy tolerate the seasonal change of residence.

Не допускайте разложения опавших листьев на поверхности

Care. Own ecosystem in a pond forms pretty quickly, so you don't have to spend extra water. It is enough to provide water recycling; you need to put a little clear water storage above the pond. It will be pumped to the storage with the pump containing a filter and then will drain into the pond in a natural way in the form of a pretty brook.

You just have to promptly clean the surface from litter and fallen leaves, or manually, with a net, or using a gadget called "skimmers" - a special pump for cleaning the water.

By the way, how to take so much precious water to fill your artificial pond? Yes, right out of the ground!

Well or borehole?

Rainwater-harvesting can be a good help –we spoke about it in one of the previous materials. However, weather is a "capricious lady"; no gardener is insured from the drought, so in the end it all comes down to the choice of the borehole or well.

Well: time tested. Perhaps the main advantage of the wells is low cost. Many firms provide services of water searching. Well, and, eventually, the well will be a definite feature of your landscape design, because among the Russian nature, it looks so authentic!

Пару раз в год колодец нуждается в серьезной чистке, иначе качество воды испортится

There are also disadvantages. The environmental situation has changed a lot since then, the first well was dug. Waste products, snow melting, chemical fertilizers – all of it can seep into ground water after the first rain. In addition, the current wells are often built of reinforced concrete rings. Over time, particles may crumble out of concrete, exposing the reinforcement, which in humid environments of the well will corrode intensively allocating iron in water. And the dose above 200 mg per day can lead to cardiovascular diseases. Another disadvantage - in the case of power shortage you will have to use a bucket, and it is very tedious when watering plants. In addition, the intake is limited to only 150-200 liters of water per hour.

Колодец «под ключ» будет готов через 2-3 дня

Borehole: suburban hi-tech. It sometimes happens that your suburban area stands on a hill, or there is just a little groundwater in your neighborhood. And, perhaps, having read the previous paragraph, you just decided not to dig a well. Then one way out is to drill. Budget option is the so-called "filter" borehole. Its depth is not more than 30 meters and the average operation takes only one day and compact appliances are used. However, you have to use a "filter" borehole regularly otherwise the well will be silted up. In winter, the water content in it can considerably decrease. And most importantly – it will last 15 years maximum.

Бурение скважины требует времени и денег, но решает проблему с водой надолго

More expensive, but the most reliable solution would be an artesian borehole, designed for over 50 years. Neither the intensity nor the season is affected. This pleasure costs not less than 50 thousand rubles. If you have good relationship with the neighbors, try to cooperate – there will be enough water for everyone. Surface water pollution in artesian wells is completely excluded, and deeper layers are much cleaner, so the water quality will please you.

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