Coffee Makers Rating: From Coffee tap to Coffee of «Evil»

For some of mankind coffee in the morning is more important than a glass of water and all the other treasures of the world. It is this beautiful half (or 90%, who knows) readers, whom we dedicate review the most amazing coffee makers.

Third place we give to this faucet with coffee. Although it should be the first. But there are even more amazing gadgets.

So, let me introduce: TopBrewer. Just a tap, but with coffee, not water. It is embedded in the working surface in the kitchen, and it outputs the coffee in unlimited quantities. In addition the tap is placed next to the touchpad, where you can specify the type of beverage, temperature and even volume.

If the owner does not wish to get out of bed to poke a finger in the sensor, you can give a command to TopBrewer from your phone. The same parameters can be selected in a mobile application, and you сan come for already prepared espresso or cappuccino.

Second placewas awarded to coffeemaker Service. Barisieur company believes that the day would be better if people would wake up not just with alarm clock, but with an alarm with the smell of coffee. This coffee machine can make coffee at the appointed time. The main thing is not to forget to put water and coffee into the flask pour in the evening..

Будильник и кофеварка: два в одном

And finally,the first place we gave to the coffee machine that struck our fantasy. In fact, it would suit Dracula's castle, but the gadget can also find its place in a modern kitchen. This beauty is called sculptural steam coffee maker from Dutch Lab. Frankly, it's more like an organ, a small one. Gothic model is called the ACMA, word meaning «evil» in Korean. Work of the gadget based on the principle of cold drip coffee brewing method. So grains are crushed much better than usually, but they are rougher than the ones for espresso..

Кофемашина в стиле стимпанк от Dutch Lab

Р.S: and out of the competitio we have a concrete coffee Espresso Solo. The creator of this miracle of technology Shmuel Linsky has put a goal to use concrete in modern kitchen interior. Therefore he invented Espresso Solo. That’s how he’s got pretty big and brutal coffeemaker that combines metal and concrete.

Бетонная кофеварка

Photo: DesignBoom, Novate, Shutterstock.

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