Clothes Become Clever:

“Put Me On!”

There appear more and more clothing gadgets on the market, and we couldn't miss Russian fitness-bracelet, "clever" velvet long gloves from Samsung and Microsoft watches.

Russian developers invented a fitness-bracelet Healbe GoBe with the help of Indiegogo crowdfunding resource, which helped them to gather more than a million USD. It is peculiar: the authors of the braclet made a bid for 100 000 USD, but got ten times more.

Fitness-gadget has a pulsometer, resistance sensor and acceleration indicator. Healbe GoBe can by synhronized with a smartphone via Bluetooth (using Android or iOS applications), where information from the sensors is analyzed and presented in tables and graphics. Bracelet developers claim that Healbe GoBe can measure water level, sleeping quality, stress level and used energy. Besides, the developers say that part of their techbology is unique and, consequently, patented. Like sugar level evaluation, based on measuring skin resistance on high and low frequences. Healbe GoBe will have a water-resistant cover, so it will be suitable for extreme sportsmen. The gadget will come to the market in summer.

Microsoft has also came up with a patent for a new gadget. It is more universal than watches for e-mail and calls or a fitness-bracelet, because it is a mixture of both these kinds. Microsoft watches can be used for making calls, playing music and measuring biometric body parameters. The device has a sensor display, which can be put out of the bracelet. Yet the company hasn't announced the watches release, but it is known that Microsoft has been developing this product for a long time.

Korean company Samsung has announced the release of 3 models of gloves with flexible display named Samsung Fingers. The palm side of the gloves will contain a 3-inches display, a pocket projector and a hidden 16 megapixels camera will be placed near a forefinger bottom.

Palm-Rec function gives owner the information about everything he touches in a glove. Moreover, the gadges contains all known sensors, which can also analyze biometric body parameters. 3 variants of prototypes were presented: sport gloves(like usual sports gloves with fingers), classic women gloves (velvet elbow-long gloves with bows brandes with a huge logtype of the company) and "drivers gloves" (glovers with rivets and no fingers).

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