Cleaning on Shore: Everybody Can!

Walking along the shore of any pond, you just want to enjoy the spectacular views, but not the mountains of garbage. Unfortunately, reality does not always like this, especially after the summer season. And the blame for this, as a rule, is on vacationers themselves. But changing the situation is not difficult by organizing a cleanup day. We'll explain how to do it correctly.

Required equipment. On the appointed day everything should be ready: bags, gloves, rakes, shovels. That's the minimum. Please note: glass and metal will need strong polypropylene bags, while conventional polyethylene will suit for plastic bottles and aluminum.

Позаботьтесь о том, чтобы мешков и перчаток хватило всем

Garbage removal. You should think about it in advance. First, decide how you'll take out waste: if you can find a car, the problem is greatly simplified. Find out where the nearest legal dump is. If you plan to collect waste separately, forming different groups for further recycling, then think in advance where and when you can take it.

Договоритесь с теми, кто готов вывезти мусор на машине

Forming the team. The more people you collect, the more effective the fight against waste will be. It is best to hold the event on the weekend, when it's easier to attract like-minded people. One of the most effective ways of organizing a work day is using social media. Invite people from different thematic groups, the participants of which are residents of the cleaning area. Be sure that the enthusiasts who respond to your call will be found.

Чем больше участников – тем меньше мусора!

The good old methods has not been canceled too: you can hang a few ads in the most visited places - at shops, at bus stops and special boards at homes. If you gather a lot of people, you'll increase the effectiveness of the action at times.

Let the authorities know. If you managed to put together a team, do not forget to notify the municipality of the alleged cleanup. Local authorities tend to support such private initiatives and are unlikely to deny you. By the way, the municipality will also be able to suggest good places to take out the trash, and will provide you with plastic bags.

На субботнике занятие найдется даже для самых маленьких

Divide responsibilities. It is important to divide responsibilities between the parties. For example, the one will collect the garbage, the second one will put the filled bags at a single point or ship them to the vehicle, others will be engaged in preparing a picnic for all the participants. This greatly simplifies the task of attracting people as you can motivate them and everyone can choose the job according to his abilities, because someone can't not walk much, someone you can not bend or lift weights and so on.

Separate collection. After many cleanup days removed rubbish is already divided into plastic, metal (barbecues, cans), glass. Plastic bottles and aluminum cans should be almost pure (not filled with other debris, sand, water) and crushed because air is pointless to transport. Glass is not necessary to be specifically crashed. Bags should not be filled up to the top, as they must also be tied.

Раздельный сбор приносит двойную пользу

It is desirable to collect separately even the most hazardous waste - batteries, old technique, used amps. Do not forget to notify all participants of the cleaning. Such waste can be brought to special places.

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