Beauty Without Overflow: How To Teach Flowerbeds To Conserve Water

Despite the fact that the holiday season is already in full swing, our tips will help to improve irrigation systems through a variety of technical devices. It turns out that the delicate balance between the preservation of plants and careful attitude to water should observe even in the midst of a summer anticyclone! In general, study, use and write Neva Crawfish, if you know some other way to keep the water in the country.

1. Watering. Watering-pot is not only an obsolete way of watering, but a dangerous one! Wet leaves and stems of the plant are a perfect environment for all kinds of fungal diseases. I do not talk about that watering leaves are inefficient in terms of water saving: moisturing the plant is useless, because it drinks by roots. They are something that should be watered! And for regular watering use watering systems. Drip irrigation hose is an expensive thing: water goes directly into the ground drop by drop through special nozzles.

Система капельного полива

But even more effective and less costly device for irrigation is a dripping hose. Water passes through the pores of the hose and goes directly into the ground - slowly but constantly. You have no risk to overwater plants, and in the hottest days there of will be enough moisture coming to the roots. Many people attach hoses to the special rain barrel set on a hill. During the rain water entering the hose can be cut off, and when the sun comes out again, renew hydration. For watering small plants the hose need to be laid close to them, but for watering trees it is recommended to lay it around the trunk at the distance of the width of the crown.

Сочащийся шланг

2. Plants. For beauty without unnecessary water spending it’s recommended to choose plants resistant to drought. Low-growing - subulate phlox, sage, thyme, periwinkle, tarragon and others. Shrubs - juniper, barberry, cotoneaster. And annual flowers - asters, marigolds, snapdragons, nasturtiums. And be sure to plant at least one tree in the plot: the shadow of its crown will help to retain moisture for a long time.

Настурции – эффектные засухостойкие цветы

Experts also advise to keep the plants in pots. Of course, they are easier when it becomes cool, they will not have to wrap up, but you can just put them in the room. However, the plants in pots and tubs are more prone to drying out, because their roots can not reach the deeper layers of moisture and saturated soil. The grass on the lawn is not recommended for "Canadian" haircut - longer stems longer stay hydrated. 

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