Bath Day: Taking Care about Water and Beauty

You certainly need the usual hygiene procedures, moreover, water, affecting the body in all its forms, whether it is swimming in a pool, bathtub or shower, relieves stress and improves mood. In terms of saving valuable resource, shower, of course is preferable. How else to reduce water footprint, without sacrificing the beauty and health? Here are tips from our expert.

Shower for the body and the soul. How many times a day you have to take a shower? Someone is doing it with a truly maniacal speed, while others, on the contrary, believe that irrepressible passion for washing deprives the skin protective barrier and reduces immunity. The most foolhardy persons even recommend the use of special hygiene sprays, replacing water treatment. In our opinion, this is too much. Optimal balance is easy to find, and you will not only benefit yourself, but also save a lot of water.

Душ дважды в день принимать вовсе не обязательно

- It's necessary to take a shower every day - says Lesya Kirsanova doctor-dermatologist, SpbGMU named after Academician Pavlov. - And in the evening with a cream-soap, but better – with special milk, it foams well and does not dry the skin, and usually eliminates the need for further application of balms, body oils and emulsions. Many of us are accustomed to bathe twice a day, and in this case, in the morning you do not need to soap yourself - simply rinse, otherwise the skin will be dry and tightened. If there are no contraindications, in the morning, you can also use alternating douche. But in principle, once a day is sufficient.

Возможно, вашей коже не нужно умывание водой

The facial skin demands the more careful treatment. Morning washing is quite possible to replace by purification using alcohol free tonic.

- We cannot say that it's necessary to wash yourself by water - sums up Lesya Kirsanova. - Of course, it helps to wake up and take a refreshing dip, but if your face responds to the tap water by redness, you need micelle solution, which can be purchased at any pharmacy.

«Often» does not mean clean! Striving for the perfect look, many of us wash their head, barely noticing the first signs of contamination. And here is a strange thing, at first glance: the more often we wash hair with a shampoo, the faster the hair loses its fresh appearance. But long ago dermatologists have found the explanation for this phenomenon.

- Washing your hair every day with a shampoo is not necessary in any case, - says Dr. Kirsanova. - Otherwise, the sebaceous glands get a signal that the skin is dry, so more and more sebum appears and hair become dirty faster. The protective film washes off, and even a small rash may appear on the scalp. Therefore it is best to use the shampoo at least in 2 days and ideally - in three. In between, you can rinse your hair with plain water or a decoction of herbs - nettle, burdock, and chamomile.

При частом мытье головы вы попадаете в "замкнутый круг"

Of course, in a metropolis it is difficult to accustom yourself to such rules of health, but if you do not get rid of the habit of too frequent use of detergents, it is possible that the head will have to be washed twice a day. So it is worth to stop in right time.

By the way, dry shampoo abuse is also advised by the experts. Though he avoids the water, the effect will be the same as for frequent hair washing. As the matter of fact, the grains of sorbents also take away the fat and dry the skin.

Hot-cold. Warm baths have a calming effect. The usual duration - from 20 to 40 minutes. Relevant temperature for shower and bath is 30-38 degrees, it is also suitable for children.

- It's not recommended to take long hot baths for people with heart disease and a tendency to hypotension (low blood pressure) and syncope - says Lesya Kirsanova. - In addition, now there are so many people with sensitive skin, and for them hot water will only provoke the manifestation of vascular spider veins and redness. This especially concerns the face-neck-décolleté zone.

Вода полезна для кожи и в виде льда

If you have the same problems, it is not necessary to wipe the face with ice cubes, so at first the vessels will be narrowed, and then abruptly expand, which will exacerbate the situation. And for normal skin frozen infusion of herbs is only helpful in the morning and in the evening.

Вместо "сауны для лица" лучше просто сходить в баню

Recently a sauna for the face went on sale, replacing the old fashioned basins and towels. However, buying the gadget without a doctor's prescription is not recommended. In case of acne hot steam may even worsen the skin condition. And also professional cleaning facial beauticians are now carried out without steaming, using a special gel and film. But the trip to the bathhouse once a week is not forbidden, if there are no contraindications.

Miracle means: affordable and environmentally friendly.

In conclusion - a pair of home beauty recipes that do not require the cost and that can become an excellent alternative to purchase cosmetics, the manufacture of which, as we know, is applied by a considerable damage to nature. Keep all these potions in a glass container (hooray, we do not damage the oceans with plastic!) and in a refrigerator, because the preservatives are not used.

Розовую воду можно приготовить и без дистилляции

Pink water. This tool is known from ancient times as a tonic for the face. It also helps to reduce dark circles under the eyes and helps with sunburn. To prepare the tool it is better to use rose petals grown in the country, as they are not treated with the chemicals. Put the washed and dried petals in a jar; pour boiled water, until the water cools down. Strain, squeeze, and pour into a glass jar. It is better to make a new batch every three days.

Кофейный скраб также можно сделать на основе йогурта

Coffee Scrub. Ready-made tools for peeling often contain micro-granules of plastic. We put a scrub, wash it away, and as a result tiny particles appear in the waters, where they are swallowed by the fish. Such pollution has become a serious threat to the ecosystem of the seas and oceans in recent years. But we can do our best not to participate in this process by preparing scrub with our own proper hands. For cellulite, for example, you can try the following mixture: a tablespoon of honey, 2 tablespoons of grape seed oil, and two tablespoons of ground coffee.

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