All Aboard: Large Ecological Swimming

As you know, resting near the water is the best way of relaxation. And how about spending a holiday not near the water, but on the water, exploring new shores? A lot of impressions from the beauty of nature and great physical form guaranteed. We'll show you where it is best to seek adventure for a novice water-tourist, what craft to choose, how to take care of your safety and not to harm the environment.

Calculate your power

Water tourism is one of the most difficult types of recreation not only technically, but also from the physical activity point of view. Experienced hikers compare its complexity with a rock climbing on a high mountain. So if you are just beginning to experience the delights of camping, it is better to go with a tent in the woods for a start. But if the desire to be in the power of the water element is unbearable, thorough preparation is required!

Плавание в одиночку – не для новичков!

The most important rule is never to dive alone or with a group of beginners just like you. Ideally, if a group of inexperienced and experienced ones is roughly equal. Then, each novice will have an experienced mentor who will teach, share experiences and tell interesting stories. But the best solution for a group of novice travelers is to turn to the professionals.

Члены экипажа должны обладать хорошей физической подготовкой

Altai, Siberia, the Urals, the Caucasus, Karelia - in these regions of our country water tourism is delivered in a big way. Experienced instructors, lectures on safety, all necessary approvals, and the prices are quite reasonable. Raft descent on one of the rivers in Leningrad region for a group of 4 people will cost 4500 rubles is the ideal option in order to understand whether you have enough forces to go on a water hike on your own.

Первые походы стоит совершать под присмотром инструкторов

Equipment and safety

The motto of the water- tourist is «the main thing is not to get wet». And if it gets wet, it then should quickly dry. So always carry a spare set of dry clothes and make sure that all your things were packed in waterproof cases.

Запасы еды и одежды нужно упаковать герметично, а вещи первой необходимости – в отдельную емкость

A separate and indispensable point is the acquisition of a lifejacket. To go sailing without a lifejacket - it is like going to the mountains barefoot and you should definitely spend money for your own safety. And it is better, if the vest is worn on you throughout the trip. For children up to 12 years, this requirement is default.

Жилет может спасти вам жизнь. Не пренебрегайте им!

Well, what a modern campaign without a photo and video of natural beauty? So a sealed case for your smartphone or other recording gadget would also be handy. Convenient cord for attaching and even glowing in the dark is among the additional features.

Водонепроницаемые чехлы можно подобрать практически для любой техники

Choosing the pond. The simplest option would be not too large and tranquil lake. Remember: big lake is as unpredictable and dangerous as the sea, so stay tuned for storm warnings and not exaggerate your own abilities! If the monotony of the landscape gets you bored, it is best to take a trip on the river. However, not all rivers are safe. To begin with, study in detail the route that you are going to swim.

Выбирая маршрут, учитывайте степень подготовки участников похода

The most important indicator is the slope of the river. Novice water tourists are recommended to move along the rivers with slope of 0.6-0.8 meters per kilometer. Rivers with a slope of 0.8-1.5 meters belong to the second category of complexity. But it is better to stay away from waters with a slope of more than 1.5 meters for the beginner. By the way, if you have to go against the current on the oars, the allowable draft is 0,6 m.

Think in advance what you will do if you can't continue your water trip after a crash. An ideal variant is the presence of highways or railroads along the river.

Abide by the rules. In Russia since 2012 kayaks and inflatable boats weighing up to 200 kg, and also sailing vessels with a length up to 9 m without engine and equipped places for rest do not require registration in State Inspectorate for Small Boats of Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations. Therefore, you don't have to show the inspectors any documents on such a craft. But this does not mean that when rafting on navigable rivers you don't have to observe the Rules of navigation on inland waterways.

Никогда не пытайтесь «проскочить» перед идущим судном, пересекая реку!

First of all - do not go on the navigable course. At night white lights shall be turned on the boat: one in front and one behind (fixed lanterns can be used). In any case it is impossible to stay on board under the influence of alcohol, and to moor in the wrong place: under bridges, passenger berths, buoys. You can cross a navigable river only at right angles.

And another thing: if in your company there is someone who can't swim – don't take him camping to avoid the risks.

By what to sail on?

There are much more varieties of water tourism than it might seem at a first glance. Let us dwell on the most popular.

Canoe or kayak. Perhaps the most complicated for beginners. Imagine an Eskimo in a small boat, covered with leather. The design of this boat came to us almost unchanged, but the materials have become much smarter.

Попрактиковаться в управлении байдаркой или каноэ лучше заблаговременно, например, записавшись на специальные курсы

Advantages are good maneuverability and speed. For easy transportation modern kayaks are made sectional. Drawbacks: if you turn over, for the first time it will be difficult to get out. Therefore, for the first hike is best to choose a double boat and an experienced mentor in couple.

Raft. Among the fans of extreme tourism rafting has gained enormous popularity. The modern raft is an inflatable boat of durable materials designed for rafting on rough rivers. By the way, more and more business companies are opting a descent on the raft as a team building activity for employees. After all, it is immediately clear on the steep threshold who pulls the team and rowing with all his strength, and who prefers to sit on the sidelines.

Рафтинг – для тех, кто любит скорость и острые ощущения

Float. With some skill it can just give the ocean of positive emotions! The main requirement is the ability to work with your hands. Most often, the floats are harvested right on the shore from the dead trees that are mined nearby. And for the fighters for the purity of the environment there is a great option – to collect a float from the empty plastic containers.

Собирать такие плоты нужно «на совесть»: от надежности крепежа зависит ваша безопасность

Such environmental actions have been held around the world. In Russia, for example, a few years ago such an event was organized in the Novgorod region. Students have collected more than 4 thousand plastic bottles left by careless tourists around the nature reserve Rdeysky, made a raft and passed on it 200 miles on the Lovat River to the Ilmen Lake. And after the campaign all the collected plastic was passed for recycling.

With care for nature

And finally – a few words about the environment. The golden rule of the tourist is at the parking place only the trampled grass should be left after you. In case of boating, you can add circles on the water, but no more. Never throw anything overboard. Get a garbage bag, which dispose on the shore. With water all is simple – you may drink from the majority of freshwater in the wilderness. Before use, water is better to decontaminate with special pills or to drop in a bowl of water a few drops of iodine from the medicine kit and let to stand for half an hour and then to boil it.

Постарайтесь не загрязнять ни воду, не места ночевок на берегу

If you want to throw the remains of a meal or drain the water remaining after washing, or washed dishes (it is best to use regular soap or products labeled "eco"), do it away from the coast so that the soil would be able to filter the water. Take home with you cans of canned food, or you can just burn them in the fire in emergency case. Then they easily decompose within a few months, but not years. And leaving the parking, don't forget to pour water on the fire.

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