Green Office:

Resource Economy Really Works

We have already told you how to conserve water and other resources at home. However, your office probably has not yet switched to eco-friendly technologies. Here's a hint: it's always easier to convince your co-workers, if you push the financial issues of resource economy. And there they are.

Light. Energy-saving bulbs are so 2001! All environmental experts are pretty sure that although they do use less energy, these bulbs are pretty tough to dispose of. They contain mercury, and therefore are considered toxic waste which could never be put in a regular trash can. What is 2013 then, you ask? And the answer is LED! These bulbs use by 80% less energy, shine brightly and do not contain hazardous substances. Besides that, modern LED bulbs don't blink, which is good for your eyesight. You'll save even more energy with automatic lighting control system. This is a fairly expensive thing and is suitable just for large offices. If yours is not so global, go for motion sensors! They are perfect for the spots that are not frequented by the employees, such as basements, stairwells, long corridors and so on. People usually forget to turn off the lights in these spaces, or simply don't bother to do so. So the owner or the tenant would be surprised with the first electricity bill received after installation of cheap and simple motion sensors.

Modern LED bulbs are not toxic to the environment, good for your eyesight and help to save up to 80% of energy

Heat. Saving the heat is not as easy as cutting down electricity consumption. According to recent studies, most homes and offices with central heating systems are overheated. It is truly persuasive to count the open vents and windows in winter! Turn the radiators down, and you won't save a thing either. The only way is to install heat meters and to stop paying for the energy that you do not need. It is easier to do if your office is located in a separate building. After this step is accomplished, think of the insulation: heat curtains over your entrance, proper window panes and a well-functioning ventilation system.

Don't pay for extra heating you don't need! Consider installation of heat meters

Water. If your company engages the employees into physical activities and they often take shower at work, consider installation of shower timers. They would save water and working time. Nozzle aerators will add air to the water flow: pressure will remain strong, but it would cut down water consumption. Shower with thermostat set to a desired temperature will also preserve gallons of water. Dishwasher in the kitchen is also a helping hand for the employees, saving water and time.

Dishwasher helps your employees to take lunch faster and saves your water

What else:

  • Print documents out only when necessary. Use both sides of the sheet, whenever possible.
  • Refill printer cartridges.
  • Collect used batteries, light bulbs and other toxic trash to turn it in to your local hazardous waste disposal service.
  • Recycle! Most offices produce tons of paper waste yearly which could easily be recycled.
  • Use modern energy efficiency technologies.
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