Suming up 2013: Five most remarkable gadgets of the year

While scientists are working on new discoveries we decided to recall what they invented this year. We selected and rated the most interesting devices. So, here are the most interesting water-gadgets of the year 2013, Da-voda edition.

Sprinkle, Sprinkle, Splash: Best Ideas Of Water-Saving Showers

Shower exerciser platform, money-saving shower and 5-liter shower. These awesome inventions are already available to any eco-concerned neat nature-lover!

Liquid Detectives: How Blood, Fire and 3D Are Related To Water?

The search for eternal life could never be stopped. It aroused the minds of medieval alchemists, and it still drives modern scientists to the astonishing inventions. The experiments with cloning living creatures are partially illegal, but no one would ever stop you from creation of artificial body parts or liquids, like blood. Success! Here now, we have it. If blood is too messy for you, go for a fire extracted from water. Or for a 3D-printed details that assemble with the help of water!

Water Sports: Walk On The Wet Side

Walking on water is now neither mystical, nor divine. On contrary, it's a regular activity for anyone. Or will be: a craftsman from Belarus, Alexander Konyukov, is about to lauch a mass production of his awesome sports device, aqua ski. Meanwhile , scientists from Italy agree with Mr. Konyukov: running on water has a great future. Both on Earth and beyond

September selection: Water monitor, the water from the clothes and where to put the water from the garden!

The water in the bathroom, which is becoming a monitor – easily! The water from the clothes - sure. And as a car wash in your own garage might become the more feasible thing on Earth. We found three interesting trends this season, working with the water

The Real Hydrophobia: Best Water-Resistant Ideas Ever

There is no way a living creature could survive without water. However, some creations of human mind experience hard times surviving with water, or, so to say, within water. Have you tried to drop your smartphone in a fish tank? And what about your driver license after a heavy-duty laundry, spilled glass on your laptop or water-soaked shoes? Not really encouraging, huh? But the truth is, we know nothing of modern water-resistant materials

The Future Is Out There: Four Amazing Things Powered By Water

Water-powered engine is a concept that brings us to the future. However, engineers all over the world compete to surprise us with equally fantastic devices that work exclusively on the water or on safe and eco-friendly hydrogen fuel. Bicycles, motorcycles, mobile phones and even street lighting ... We look forward to this Futurama to become a reality

How Smartphones Save The Earth: Three Best iOS Apps For Water Conservation

Still believe that smartphones are only there for entertainment? We don't think so. Your mobile device could be your first step towards water conservation. For example , you can start keeping a track of water consumption, turn on fake shower while visiting your friend's house or calculate how much water it takes to make your breakfast. Observing your contribution to the global environment is truly rewarding! Let us present to you the three best free applications for water saving

Green Office: Resource Economy Really Works

We have already told you how to conserve water and other resources at home. However, your office probably has not yet switched to eco-friendly technologies. Here's a hint: it's always easier to convince your co-workers, if you push the financial issues of resource economy. And there they are

Kitchen Garden: Growing Plants With No Extra Water

Suppose you don't grow veggies in your backyard. Or you don't have a backyard at all, living in a nifty urban apartment block. After all, vegetables available at any grocery store don'r cost a fortune. Reasonable way to save money. But not water, since we all know how abundantly it is used at conventional vegetable farms. Let us explain to you how to grow organic veggie supply for your household and spend water on it widely. Now your environmental consciousness is at an unattainable height!

Quenching A Beast's Thirst: Saving Water on Your Pets

Keeping a cat, a dog or even a huge fish tank at home should not lead to astronomical bills for water, we believe . Da-Voda gathered useful tips around the world how to care for pets without extreme expenses of water. Feel free to use in!

Wash Without Water

You prefer quick showers to a comfy bath and never spend over five minutes with your tap water running. So you think you could never be more water-efficient? Check this out!

No Water For Clean Stuff

Doing the dishes or laundry is now possible without a single drop of water! Tough stain on your favorite dress would simply go away, unlike the water from your tap

Electronic Water Meters for Showers, Drains and the Household Budget

Either having a shower or washing your hands, you can easily count every drop that goes down the drain

Seesaw Saves Water

We waste dozens of liters every day while soaping our hands

Two in One: Recycling Greywater at Home

Part of your wastewater is clean enough to be used again. Here are devices for that

Smart Laundry: A “Logical” Solution to Saving Water

Water conservation and laundry are now complementary

Duoset Flush System: From Australia with Love

The easiest way to save water in your toilet
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