Eating, reading, checking: Gadgets for home, water and life

If you want to read under water - please welcome a special electronic reader. If you need to check the water or food on toxines - just poke a stick at them. You can also brew tea in room temperature water, you won't need an electric kettle, which makes powermeter twist like crazy, is not required.

Filter Drinks: Drink from River, Feed Baby

Clearer Than Air Robots, Coal and Peat Make Water Cleaner

Artificial Intellect in Russian: Underwater Tablet and Big Names of Supercomputers

Waterproof rupad for piloce and army, computer working on water and supercomputer «Lobachevsky» whichh can forecast floods – we collected all the Russian inventions which pretend to provide gadget amateurs from Russia with patriotic feeling.

Show and Tell: Smartphones-Heroes and Smartphones-Feat Objects

ESET, which produces antivirus programs for electronic devices, counted that 17% of Russians dropped their smartphones into the water at least once, and another 13% stumbled upon something while watching on monitors of their phones.

Energy of Future: Water and Algae against Gasoline

Do You think that a man of the future will catch up hot dogs at gas station? Absolutely not! He will refuel his car with simple bottled water. At worst he'll do it with a very environmantal friendly fluid made from algae. And such an eco-man must live in a house which doesn't consume enegry, but even produces it. Moreover, such cottage has been already invented.

We Know What You Did This Summer: Wine From Water, Purity Without Water and Other Miracles

Where’s the Water From? Drink Air, Wash Books

Water from the air, manure and a book which makes ditry water safe — here are the news from the world of scienct, that we've prepared for you on Da-Voda.

Physics and poetry: Hydrophobic Devices Which are Not Afraid of Thrill

American scientists call thair invention a «Superhydrophobic» surface. Their colleagues from Nissan claim that they've created a self-cleaning car. Other scientists are aure that they've created a touch converter for any surfaces, other ones made a book which shows heroe's emotions via special sensors. So, this digest is about paradise for kinesthetics.

Clothes Become Clever: “Put Me On”

There appear more and more clothing gadgets on the market, and we couldn't miss Russian fitness-bracelet, "clever" velvet long gloves from Samsung and Microsoft watches.

Finish Line Before Summer: Get Rid of Water, Charge From Water, Analyze Water

Water is a pest, water is the source of energy and water is the material for analysis. We've gathered all the three of these normal water qualities in our May collection of gadgets.

Spring trends: Jeans Clean, Jeans Save

Modern jeans now can save water and clean air. They definitely save water not by themselves: it's done on the factories. But jeans can really clean the atmosphere of toxic emissions, absolutely independently using their denim surface.

Peaceful Atom Alternative: Sun, Water and Magma

The world's largest solar power plant was started in the United States, a geothermal one was launched in Iceland, and filters catching nitrogen at shale stations were invented in Estonia.

Equipping Eyes: See Invisible With Water

Lenses which focus as a real eye is a photographers' dream. And how about simple lenses on which any image is projected – even a favourite TV show? And military dreams are augmented reality lenses and "invisibility ray". It turns out that prototypes of all these devices already exist.

We’ll Have a Bright Future: Flights on Water

Not only ships will surf water spaces soon, but also airships and even passenger hovercrafts. But those who are more interested in the past than in the future, will have chance to see the miniature ships of the eighteenth century in almost real conditions. Da-Voda reviews when and where it will be possible to fly on a modern airship and see how the waters in Peter the Frist' times.

Fashionable Water Saving: “Yes!” to Fashion, “No!” to Waisting Water

Da-Voda editors like beautiful clothes, and You might know this. Most of us have learned to manage with overconsuming. But how can we join in our minds ecological conciousness and terrifying consequences of clothes production? Here are the terrifying figures: from 17 to 20 percent of industrial drains polluting water are textile industry waste products. Advanced humans have been puzzled and invented several new ways of colouring and processing textile which let reduce water consumption and waste producing. Here are the most widespread know-hows.

Ship diary: How to Overcome Sea-Sickness and Become Amphibian

Soon ships causing no sea sickness will sail in seas and oceans, everyone can become an amphibia with no oxygene ballons and non-chargable fish-robots will appear.

Where we pour water: Hi From Kettle, Smile From Bottle

Modern techniques grew up to such a level when a kettle is able to wake somebody up. No, not with a loud whistle, but with a phone call or sms. Like, wake up, my dear owner, it’s time for tea or coffee! There are bottles specially shaped to train kids not to drink sweet and unhealthy drinks. So, we are expecting microwaves that help to exercise and plates that make hint on overweight of an eating person. 

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