Eco-Village: Harvest Without Damage

Vegetables and fruits straight from the garden, a shady garden, fresh air - what could be better? Especially if you use save water and use methods which are safe for the environment and personal health. It is easier than you think!

Purely worked: Saving water during repair

Summer is the season of not only holidays, but also repair. For many people it begins in the clouds of construction dust, and a cheerful singing grinder or punch. To make a candy form their homes, it will take time, money, nerves of steel and ... much water. It is necessary for the preparation of solutions, washing tools, final cleaning. And those who paints, glues and plasterers have to wash more often than usual.

Sand and clean water: Perfect vacation on the shore

Relaxing on the beach is the most typical and most desirable summer pastime. Even if you stay in the city it's a real pleasure to get to the beach on a hot summer day. Unfortunately, in the vicinity of large cities there are no empty reservoirs, which are not spoilt by men. Even one of the protected lakes in two hundred kilometers from St. Petersburg on the territory of one of the reserves now more and more reminds a landfill. That is why every year we turn to the topic: how to make a vacation on the shore painless for you and for nature.

Fresh air, clean water: Organising Eco-Friendly Picnic

Season of outdoor parties has already opened. And, of course, you do not want to leave behind the memory piles of garbage in the lake or in the forest or on the beach, do you? It turns out that you can have a picnic, after which no bag waste will be made. Yes, that's right: zero kilograms of garbage. We asked an expert and have collected a few simple rules. All this is not only environmentally friendly, but also aesthetically pleasing. And very practical!

Beauty Without Overflow: How To Teach Flowerbeds To Conserve Water

Despite the fact that the holiday season is already in full swing, our tips will help to improve irrigation systems through a variety of technical devices. It turns out that the delicate balance between the preservation of plants and careful attitude to water should observe even in the midst of a summer anticyclone! In general, study, use and write Neva Crawfish, if you know some other way to keep the water in the country.

Let’s Save: Aquarium Closet, electric saliva and water-air diesel

Do you know, how China saves? China saves draining the water in the toilet with the help of the aquarium. And how will Europe save soon? Fuel. And more, «spit and grind» in the near future will not be just an advice, but also a guide for engineers.

Devices of the Future: Savings, peace and no hydrophobia

All this is about three different gadgets. They have a lot in common: they are somehow connected with phones and are not afraid of water. One of them saves water and electricity, another one sustains bites and swimming, and the third one is not afraid of it at all. More precisely, it will soon be not afraid of it. But let speak about everything in order.

Substance Number One: Catch, Desalinate, Make Petrol

All this is nothing else like the Water. Chile is thinking about how to get water out of the air, Germany is seeking the way to make fuel from it, and the US is working on desalination. And almost all inventions are ready to be launched into production. Just think how our world might change if all we all succeed!

Eco-Taps: Lace, stroking and figures

Faucets that save water, are now able not less than your smartphone. And sometimes more: to respond to the desired strength and durability of touch, weave amazing lace and teach you to save.

Do Not Spill: Brick, Mirror and Mat Teach to Save Water

The gadgets-limiters simply limit water usage when the user spends too much of it, and the category of advising devices tell you when to turn off the tap. The second type is our three current «thrifty» gadgets.

Kettles for Dummies and More: Angry, Reddening and Swinging

We've done the review of the most unusual coffee machines for you, so it would be unfair to pass their attention fans off tea. So we have found several bizarre teapots, which are able to change color, pretend to be a swing and much more. And to boil water, of course.

Coffee Makers Rating: From Coffee tap to Coffee of «Evil»

For some of mankind coffee in the morning is more important than a glass of water and all the other treasures of the world. It is this beautiful half (or 90%, who knows) readers, whom we dedicate review the most amazing coffee makers.

Trend of the Near future: Water from Waste

And not even just from waste, but from human waste! Bill Gates makes a lot for the development of this trend. He is actively promoting his new creation, Omniprocessor, which overcome Microsoft, the most successful business of the billionaire in a very near future.

Staying Tuned: Polar Bears In The Shower, Beads-Supervisors And Brewing From Your Smartphone

Do you often think about global warming, standing in the shower? No? But it is necessary, if you put in the bathroom newest Swiss gadget to control water flow. Especially now when you can engage in physical exercises in the shower while your smartphone brews fashionable craft beer. We present an overview of the latest gadgets of December.

Glance into the future: World 80 years later

And let us, dear reader, imagine how it will look our gadget column in 2095! In one embodiment, it will be a wonderful world, clean water is clean, the evil empire collapsed. A second version of the world is terrible, dirty, water coupons, zombies is about to come out onto the streets of survived cities. It seems to us that it is us and you on whom our future depends. And to frighten and to inspire you we present our both forecasts.

When in November is a joy: Drink, watch, dive

While we are here with you shivering at the November wind, wrapped in a warm jackets, Israel trees distribute Wi-Fi and water, weather visualize is demonstrated in Japan, and in the UAE more infrastructure elements are covered with water.

Houses Become Wiser: From Kettle to Bath

While the system a la «smart home» is still quite expensive, the market is gaining gadgets that undoubtedly will make housing «smarter», but are much cheaper. For example a limiter that will not let the water in the bathtub overflow, a water-resistant speaker with lots of features and a kettle which can heat water to the desired temperature by the command received from a smartphone.

Holding Breath: Shall We Become Amphibians?

Well, at least for a while? But not entirely true amphibians, just to spend a vacation under water? The UAE has already come up with such entertainment for tourists. If daily life of a human amfbian doesn't seduce you, then turn your attention to steam display, which was based on the «Star Wars» and has the name of Princess Leia. Well, if you are not interested in intergalactic sagas, please welcome a self-watering pot invented for couch potatoes in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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