Country House Water: Preserve and Increase

A couple of weeks more, and thousands of people will be pulled away from the city on the trains and cars, bored by the winter. But favorite "hacienda" can also make you get bored if you don’t make any varieties in her appearance. So why not to do it with the help of water? We'll show you, how to combine economy, care of nature, functionality and beauty in one.

Before and After Rain: To Predict and to Use

"Looks like it might rain!" – we sometimes jokingly quote the phrase of the famous cartoon character. But you want to know for sure what awaits us - a shower or a cloudless sky, and the testimony of numerous online weather services, often does not coincide. Will home weather stations help us? We'll try to understand, and to get benefit from the last rain by saving water.

Eco-plumbing: Protecting Water in Bathroom

We know that good working taps and cistern helps not to waste a single drop in vain, and the shower in this respect is much more environmentally friendly than a bath. Manufacturers of sanitary ware are also thinking about saving the Earth resources, and offer new developments, which you can't help using. Our advices will help you to choose the "right" toilets, faucets, and other gadgets that cherish the water themselves.

Eco-shopping: Shopping for Benefit of Nature

Going shopping is sometimes equated to therapy by modern psychologists. But how the environmentally conscious people need to act when the soul asks for shopping, and the media constantly accuses corporations for the environmental pollution? Read our tips and learn how to do the really eco-friendly purchase.

Bath Day: Taking Care about Water and Beauty

You certainly need the usual hygiene procedures, moreover, water, affecting the body in all its forms, whether it is swimming in a pool, bathtub or shower, relieves stress and improves mood. In terms of saving valuable resource, shower, of course is preferable. How else to reduce water footprint, without sacrificing the beauty and health? Here are tips from our expert.

Eco-diving: Effect of Total Immersion

Just think how many romantics were fell in love with the depths of the sea due to Cousteau and his Underwater Odyssey! But how should you start the journey into the depths? And what gadgets should you take to this unknown world? Thousands of divers around the world each year make their first dive. Who knows, maybe after reading our advice, you will soon find yourself among them.

Eco-Friendly Office: Income Without Harming Nature

It happened in our world, that the work is our second home. After all, modern urban resident spends almost as much time as at his own home in the office. We are sure, a place where people are working should not only be only profitable, but also environmentally friendly. And to make it so you can use a few simple gadgets and our good advices.

Water and Car: Clean and Environmentally Safe

It does not matter it is luxury or just a means of transportation, the main thing is that due to the increasing number of cars ecological situation is only getting worse. How to reduce the consumption of water during car washing? Will there appear any type of harmless fuel? Weare «Top Gear», of course, but we can give some useful car eco-tips.

Your Best Gift: Eco-Friendly Surprises for New Year

Home, work, children, family are the basis of human happiness. And every time before the holidays, we are puzzled with the question «What presents should be made?» Let's try to figure out how to make nice gifts for loved ones, teaching them how to save water (and not only) resources.

New Year's Beauty Without Water Expenses

To chop or not to chop the Christmas tree under the spine? Live or artificial? The environmentalists and the well-known cartoon characters argue about it, and the closer the holiday, the hotter the debates are. We threw the emotions out and figured out this question from the point of view of common sense and science.

Water and Sport: Useful Training

Purchasing a subscription to the gym or the decision to run in the morning – these are the real events for a modern city dweller, not too burdened with physical labor. But what to wear to the gym? How to cope with rampant desire to drink a liter of iced soda after classes and where to wash off the fatigue? We'll show you how to do everything correctly and not to spend excess of water.

Water for Babies: Learning to save water from childhood

Educating children is extremely difficult and responsible, and among other things, you have to tell them why it is important to save consumable resources, especially water. The sooner you do it, the better. To help you there are fun experiments and games with water, which will bring joy and pleasure to the child.

Mission Possible: Environmentally Friendly Vacation

Taking care of the environment is not a fashion, but the choice of responsible people; it's lifestyle, which does not depend on circumstances. Even being relaxed and removed from everyday problems, it's possible not to harm the flora and fauna on a vacation, and we'll teach you how to do it.

Household Cycle: Choosing Equipment

Today, almost one-fifth of the world's population already lacks drinking water. In order not to aggravate the problem, each of us should take responsibility for their own consumer choice. Appliances at home not only facilitate our life, but also help to save water and electricity, as well as utility costs. The main thing is to study the characteristics carefully before purchasing.

Cleaning on Shore: Everybody Can!

Walking along the shore of any pond, you just want to enjoy the spectacular views, but not the mountains of garbage. Unfortunately, reality does not always like this, especially after the summer season. And the blame for this, as a rule, is on vacationers themselves. But changing the situation is not difficult by organizing a cleanup day. We'll explain how to do it correctly.

Note for Tourist: Saving Water While Travelling

Water is one of the most important natural resources, vital for man. And you need to take care of it even while traveling on vacation - when it seems, you can relax and not to worry about anything. Every action affects the state of the planet. Of course, saving on thirst is impossible. But there are situations when the consumption of H2O can be minimized during your journey.

Without Water Excess: Recipes for Conscious Cooks

You are unlikely to succeed in preparing lunch or dinner without water, but it is not necessary to spend it in vain in the kitchen. Baring in mind that modern cooking takes into account the need to conserve resources. We are happy to share a delicious meal recipes that do not require a lot of fluids.

New Order: High-Tech Style Cleaning

Modern technologies allow to clean the house not only quickly, but also with a minimum of water and household chemicals used. Forget the endless buckets, puddles on the floor and unsightly gray rags as the methods used by cleaning professionals are now available to everyone.

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