Water in Social Ads

Young designers show great interest in water conservation issues. Da-Voda selected the best water conservation ads from around the world.


It’s not that hard to remember what Nicole Durkin of Portland, USA, is asking for.



A well-known brand of Italian sparkling water launched a poster contest. We proudly present the winner. The caption reads, “Refill, save the bottle”.



Indian charity Karmayog made this poster available for free download in order to raise global awareness of water scarcity problems.




Water conservation info is there to help Melbourne residents cope with rising prices. Unfortunately, the website is no longer accessible.


The Icelandic branch of UNICEF urges the conservation of drinking water in order to potentially save lives, as the caption reads.



Social advertisement contestants from a US middle school found a way to convince people to take showers instead of baths.



Spanish artists dealt with the rage and fury resulting from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill catastrophe in a creative manner. “This is how our seas get dirty”, says the poster.



These final pictures came from British designers. When thinking about potentially controversial issues regarding water conservation, they came up with the idea to depict two opposite points of view. We know which is the correct one, though, and it is not the image on the right.



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