Water for wellbeing: Drinking Is Good

Nutritionists calculated daily amounts of water required for our wellbeing. For those living in temperate latitudes, the recommended amount is at least three liters of liquid. We get about a half of this amount with food, leaving thus a liter and a half of water that should be consumed with drinks. But it’s not that simple nowadays. Getting rid of junk food and Friday night cocktails requires more water. Our body uses it to digest saturated fat, sugar and alcohol. That is why recommended daily amount of water for our wellbeing is not less than 2 liters. And the hotter the weather is, the more water we need.

Is it really so important to rehydrate with water? Couldn’t we replace it with some other drink, such as coffee, lemonade or fruit juice? The question is, not really. In fact, there is no substitute for pure drinking water at all. Caffeinated drinks dehydrate your skin and make you even thirstier. Soft drinks leach out minerals. Herbal teas and natural juices are more preferable, but the latter contain too much sugar, and should be diluted with water.

Not all water is good for our health. About 70% of Russians are denied of access to clean drinking water. The residents of St, Petersburg are lucky: their water is clean, safe and of a decent quality. Due to its low concentration of multivalent cations it is considered soft. Joint disorders are almost unknown among natural residents of St. Petersburg because of their low consumption of calcium carbonate. Soft water is good for home appliances as well: no water softening for heating elements is required. And it is better for cooking too. It takes less time to have meat and vegetables done in soft water, thus they retain more vitamins.

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