Everybody Needs Water: Five Simple Rules of Saving Water

We can not do without water, it was and always will be like this. Alas, not everyone understands that its reserves are not infinite ... This is a fresh video from Da-Voda TV. And we suggest that you try to imagine five ways to save water, which do not require much effort.

1. Before you take a shower or wash dishes, we often open the tap in the bathroom or in the kitchen and wait until the water gets really hot. And all this time it is pouring and being wasted.

Solution: substitute a bucket or bowl under the stream, and use the collected water for watering flowers, or fill the cistern.

2. Not all toilets are equipped with a dual flush button, one of which flushes only half the volume of water. Perhaps you are not ready to part with the old, uneconomical equipment.

Solution: Make the tank conserve water with a plastic two-liter bottles filled with water or sand and pebbles. Put it inside the tank. It will replace the fluid, so every time there will be less water washed out. This can save up to 20 liters of water every day!

3. Huge amounts of water are needed for food and clothing production. Price of a T-shirt, for example, is 3240 liters. But we can't refuse from buying useful things.

Solution: recover from shopaholizm and try not to throw away what you can somehow use. Walk into the store with a reusable bag made of cloth, eat less semi-finished products - the processing of such products takes a lot of water. Ironically, in order to save clean water, it is necessary to drink more, because the manufacture of packaged juices and soda takes much of it.

4. Washing, especially in a large family, is one of the most water spending things. But clean linen and clothes are needed constantly.

Solution: do not buy washing machines, in which laundry is put on top. They consume up to 170 liters per wash, and machines with front loading need from 40 to 135. Thus, the average homemaker can save up to 34 000 liters of water per year. Also, do not apply the detergent, which are difficult to rinse. Suitable powder or gel is selected empirically.

5. The daily shower is the usual luxury. Without it it's hard to wake up in the morning and to relax after a day's work. Limiting yourself in water procedures is extremely difficult.

Decision: The special nozzles, aerators and shower are not fiction, but a reality. They have been sold for a long time and are quite inexpensive, it remains only to choose the right model and to install it. The operating principle of the aerator is simple: it saturates the water with bubbles of air, and it consumes 40% less, and the pressure becomes stronger, so that the washing quality does not suffer.

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