Adventures of Kroshik: The Seal Pup has Returned to People

Ladoga seal pup Kroshik, the patient at the Center for Study and Conservation of Marine Mammals, is very glad that people are taking care of him again. He loves when he is p and scratched. The story with his release into the wild ended like this: «I'm Kroshik, I do not want to go to Ladoga, I want to be put on hands». He became a real star, and now everyone who follows his adventures, are waiting for what will happen next...

Hey, people!

Kroshik never looked for fame, but loves to luxuriate in its rays. He loves and knows how to communicate with journalists. He is photogenic to the extreme and with pleasure posing in front of the cameras. If he could speak, he would tell about how he sailed 35 kilometers along the Ladoga Lake, from the Valaam Archipelago, where he had been released on May 22 this year, to the west coast. In the vicinity of the motor village, people started meeting Kroshik.

The seal pup with an identification mark was repeatedly seen on the shore - and was shot on video. Thanks to zoologists Vyacheslav Alekseev and Elena Andrievskaya, who managed to track the movements of their pet and draw a conclusion: Kroshik has to be taken to the Center, because he does not look like a wild animal. Although he fed on his own. For a month of free life charismatic fat man has not lost weight.

Home sweet home

On the one hand, the specialists of the Baltic Seal Fund were upset because their "graduate" had already failed twice to adapt to the natural environment (for the first time Kroshik tried to go on a free voyage back in 2016, he simply refused to leave the shore) . On the other hand, it is a great happiness that the seal has met only kind people on his way, and now he is safe.

Another chance to "run wild" for the seal could have appeared in five or six years, with the onset of puberty - if he would meet his only one and forget about people. But this is still far away.

When Kroshik got into rehabilitation, he was almost a newborn. Tiny, weighing only 4 kilograms cub lost his mother and was looking for her in every counter.

"From the very beginning he always asked to be put on hands, demanded attention, in general, behaved like a child," recalls Vyacheslav Alekseev. "And now he still sees a companion in man and wants people to take care of him".

Zoologists are ready to leave Kroshik in the Center, but it is necessary to obtain an official permit for this. Vyacheslav and Elena have already begun to collect a package of necessary documents. It is still not clear whether the seal will be allowed to live with his "foster parents", or they will have to part ...

We hope that everything will end well, and then we will continue to tell you about the seal, whose fate has developed in such an unusual way.

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