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Adventures of Kroshik: The Seal Pup has Returned to People

Ladoga seal pup Kroshik, the patient at the Center for Study and Conservation of Marine Mammals, is very glad that people are taking care of him again. He loves when he is p and scratched. The story with his release into the wild ended like this: «I'm Kroshik, I do not want to go to Ladoga, I want to be put on hands». He became a real star, and now everyone who follows his adventures, are waiting for what will happen next...

Neva Crawfish Against Garbage: Cleaning on the Upper Suzdal Lake

June 3, 2017, on the International Day for the Purification of Reservoirs, our team has joined the cleaning on the bank of the Upper Suzdal Lake, and representatives of the diving clubs have put the bottom in order. The participants of our action and all interested became heroes of the mini-film, which we offer to your attention.

Season 2015: Summing up

This year the season of rehabilitation at the Center for study and conservation of marine mammals lasted from 27 March to 29 July. Zoologists have done a great job. They literally managed to create a real miracle: they cured even the hardest patients and prepared them for independent life. After a successful rehabilitation four gray Baltic seals and nine Ladoga ringed seals were set free.

Everybody Needs Water: Five Simple Rules of Saving Water

We can not do without water, it was and always will be like this. Alas, not everyone understands that its reserves are not infinite ... This is a fresh video from Da-Voda TV. And we suggest that you try to imagine five ways to save water, which do not require much effort.

Seals Kindergarten 2015: Lunchtime

Feeding regime for young patients of the Center for Research and Conservation of Marine Mammals is very important. As well as the diet, because we, people, can eat a wide range of dishes but little seal puls eat only fish. The fish, of course, must be of excellent quality and contain correct proportions of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. We'll tell and shows you the feeding in Repino seals kindergarten.

First results: Gulf of Finland Year Video Diary

What we remember from passing year 2014? First of all, the fact that it was dedicated to our common water body, the Gulf of Finland. Trilateral cooperation project «Year of the Gulf of Finland» held in Russia, Finland and Estonia, will be officially closed in March, 2015, but now we can sum up the results and recall the brightest events.

Seal Kindergarten: A Few Days in a Life of Marine Mammals Rescue Center

Life has been very busy at a small wastewater treatment plant of SUE "Vodokanal of St. Petersburg" that is located in a small suburban town of Repino. Marine Mammals Rescue Center that was organized there for the current season hosts now four animals: two Ladoga ringed seals and two Baltic gray seals. Da-Voda editorial loves visiting the cubs, and over past few visits we have shot a small film about the first three patients of the Center

The Baltic Sea: Deadly Heat

Heat is bad for all living creatures – from humans to plants. Sweltering summers might even kill fish

Water in Social Ads

Great examles of water conservation advertisements

Water Conservation: Ten Simple Rules

These rules are really easy to follow. All you need is motivation

Water for wellbeing: Drinking Is Good

Two liters of pure or sparkling water? What do we need to drink to remain healthy and fit?

Fountains: Beautiful, but Not Always Safe to Drink from

Most fountains are deadly harmful for your health. To figure it out you don't have to drink from them. One dive is enough

Drought Busters: Plants and Animals Survive without Water

No one leaves water running when brushing its teeth, except for humans. Some creatures can even easily go off without water at all

Amazing Bridges

Watch us pull up the Palace Bridge of St. Petersburg and read about the most remarkable bridges in the world

Peterhof: The Versailles of the North

Peterhof fountains are truly unique: no pumping system is used to provide them with water

Sewage treatment: Cleaning up the Dirt

Thirty years ago there were no sewage treatment plants in the city of St. Petersburg at all. Things have changed tremedously by now

Water Museums: From St. Petersburg to Montreal

Learn about the most interesting water museums in the world

Biomonitoring: When Animals Help Keep Humans Healthy

Water in St. Petersburg is tested by crawfish, snails and goldfish