About us

If you look up “water” in search engines, you’ll be overwhelmed by billions of websites related to this request. Most of them belong to companies that sell purified water or water filtration systems.

It is obvious that information at these resources tends to be somewhat biased: we would learn more not about the water itself, but about its vendors and their competitors.

Well, it is a rather dangerous situation, because we need reliable and trustworthy information on basic ecological issues as much as we need water.Da-Voda means “Yes to Water” in Russian. We want everyone to say “yes” to water conservation!We don’t sell anything and don’t look for any profit from the information we provide our readers with. Our goal is to quench your thirst in facts and news about water.

Global issues of drinking water shortage, smart water consumption, threat of blue-green algae bloom and its prevention, effectiveness of water treatment plants, water filtration and biological monitoring, water in culture and arts projects – we cover these and other issues in our video and animation reports, articles and celebrity interviews.Using the information provided at our website anyone can contribute to global water conservation. No one can change the world on his own, but together we have the power to do it.