Season 2015: Summing up

This year the season of rehabilitation at the Center for study and conservation of marine mammals lasted from 27 March to 29 July. Zoologists have done a great job. They literally managed to create a real miracle: they cured even the hardest patients and prepared them for independent life. After a successful rehabilitation four gray Baltic seals and nine Ladoga ringed seals were set free.

SOS: Ten Reservoirs on the Verge of Catastrophe

Humanity is actively developing natural resources, and even the largest reservoirs of the planet are no longer able to resist the negative effects. Rivers, lakes and the sea, which we regard as world heritage, more and more often get into the alarm list of environmentalists. The first ten need help most of all.

Cleaning on Shore: Everybody Can!

Walking along the shore of any pond, you just want to enjoy the spectacular views, but not the mountains of garbage. Unfortunately, reality does not always like this, especially after the summer season. And the blame for this, as a rule, is on vacationers themselves. But changing the situation is not difficult by organizing a cleanup day. We'll explain how to do it correctly.

Note for Tourist: Saving Water While Travelling

Water is one of the most important natural resources, vital for man. And you need to take care of it even while traveling on vacation - when it seems, you can relax and not to worry about anything. Every action affects the state of the planet. Of course, saving on thirst is impossible. But there are situations when the consumption of H2O can be minimized during your journey.

Without Water Excess: Recipes for Conscious Cooks

You are unlikely to succeed in preparing lunch or dinner without water, but it is not necessary to spend it in vain in the kitchen. Baring in mind that modern cooking takes into account the need to conserve resources. We are happy to share a delicious meal recipes that do not require a lot of fluids.

HELCOM: Baltic Sea Protection is Possible Only in Cooperation with Russia

Helsinki Commission, HELCOM unites nine countries: Germany, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Estonia and the European Union in order to protect the marine environment of the Baltic Sea. The commission's recommendations refer to maritime and land transport, agriculture and fisheries. All participants must follow them to make the Baltic Sea cleaner. Johanna Laurila, CIO of HELCOM tells about what is already being done and about dangers which threaten the sea.

Everybody Needs Water: Five Simple Rules of Saving Water

We can not do without water, it was and always will be like this. Alas, not everyone understands that its reserves are not infinite ... This is a fresh video from Da-Voda TV. And we suggest that you try to imagine five ways to save water, which do not require much effort.

Smart Garden: We Appreciate Every Drop

On hot summer days, plants that decorate our garden need more water as well as we do. But excessive watering is harmful, and the water should be saved. Modern technology and little tricks come to help us.

The end of summer in Repino: End of season 2015

At the end of July, all the Ladoga ringed seal - Patients Center for the Study and conservation of marine mammals - went to conquer the native open spaces from the shores of Valaam archipelago. But last patient - Baltic ringed seal Baby Inger – will remain in Repino until next year.

New Order: High-Tech Style Cleaning

Modern technologies allow to clean the house not only quickly, but also with a minimum of water and household chemicals used. Forget the endless buckets, puddles on the floor and unsightly gray rags as the methods used by cleaning professionals are now available to everyone.

Eco-Village: Harvest Without Damage

Vegetables and fruits straight from the garden, a shady garden, fresh air - what could be better? Especially if you use save water and use methods which are safe for the environment and personal health. It is easier than you think!

Purely worked: Saving water during repair

Summer is the season of not only holidays, but also repair. For many people it begins in the clouds of construction dust, and a cheerful singing grinder or punch. To make a candy form their homes, it will take time, money, nerves of steel and ... much water. It is necessary for the preparation of solutions, washing tools, final cleaning. And those who paints, glues and plasterers have to wash more often than usual.

Sand and clean water: Perfect vacation on the shore

Relaxing on the beach is the most typical and most desirable summer pastime. Even if you stay in the city it's a real pleasure to get to the beach on a hot summer day. Unfortunately, in the vicinity of large cities there are no empty reservoirs, which are not spoilt by men. Even one of the protected lakes in two hundred kilometers from St. Petersburg on the territory of one of the reserves now more and more reminds a landfill. That is why every year we turn to the topic: how to make a vacation on the shore painless for you and for nature.

Fresh air, clean water: Organising Eco-Friendly Picnic

Season of outdoor parties has already opened. And, of course, you do not want to leave behind the memory piles of garbage in the lake or in the forest or on the beach, do you? It turns out that you can have a picnic, after which no bag waste will be made. Yes, that's right: zero kilograms of garbage. We asked an expert and have collected a few simple rules. All this is not only environmentally friendly, but also aesthetically pleasing. And very practical!

Seals Kindergarten 2015: Lunchtime

Feeding regime for young patients of the Center for Research and Conservation of Marine Mammals is very important. As well as the diet, because we, people, can eat a wide range of dishes but little seal puls eat only fish. The fish, of course, must be of excellent quality and contain correct proportions of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. We'll tell and shows you the feeding in Repino seals kindergarten.

Beauty Without Overflow: How To Teach Flowerbeds To Conserve Water

Despite the fact that the holiday season is already in full swing, our tips will help to improve irrigation systems through a variety of technical devices. It turns out that the delicate balance between the preservation of plants and careful attitude to water should observe even in the midst of a summer anticyclone! In general, study, use and write Neva Crawfish, if you know some other way to keep the water in the country.

Alaska Sea Life Centre: Our mission is to give an idea of richness and diversity of marine life

This year, the Alaska Sea Life Centre celebrates ten years anniversary. It was founded in 1995, and three years later it opened its doors to the general public as the oceanarium. Now there is only one rehabilitation center in Alaska, and the large research base for zoologists as well. We learned who rehabilitates in the northern US state and how to the studies pass.

Tough Season - 2015: Center for Study and Conservation of Marine Mammals Patients

In 2015 the season of seals rehabilitation started two weeks later than in 2014 - not in the middle, but at the end of March. Almost immediately, St. Petersburg Center for study and conservation of marine mammals in Repino started to receive difficult patients. The exact cause is hard to be found out without a comprehensive study, but zoologists suggest that the reason is unusual ice conditions in the Gulf of Finland and Lake Ladoga.

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