Bath Day: Taking Care about Water and Beauty

You certainly need the usual hygiene procedures, moreover, water, affecting the body in all its forms, whether it is swimming in a pool, bathtub or shower, relieves stress and improves mood. In terms of saving valuable resource, shower, of course is preferable. How else to reduce water footprint, without sacrificing the beauty and health? Here are tips from our expert.

Water Colours: Colored Lakes of Planet

We all know that unusual forms of life can occur in the depth of water. But ponds may turn out to have an unexpected color, with all colors of the rainbow. The most mysterious colored lakes generated a lot of legends, presented in this water-gallery.

Eco-diving: Effect of Total Immersion

Just think how many romantics were fell in love with the depths of the sea due to Cousteau and his Underwater Odyssey! But how should you start the journey into the depths? And what gadgets should you take to this unknown world? Thousands of divers around the world each year make their first dive. Who knows, maybe after reading our advice, you will soon find yourself among them.

Eco-Friendly Office: Income Without Harming Nature

It happened in our world, that the work is our second home. After all, modern urban resident spends almost as much time as at his own home in the office. We are sure, a place where people are working should not only be only profitable, but also environmentally friendly. And to make it so you can use a few simple gadgets and our good advices.

Tatyana Bulanova: «I Do Not Understand How You Can Litter on Shore»

Russian singer Tatyana Bulanova perfectly knows where the main river of Petersburg originates, because singer's childhood passed at the Neva origins. Tatiana told us about where else she had ever swim, and what kind of water she likes. The conversation was interesting. Some things seemed to us debatable, for example, we believe that the water is an exhaustibleresource, and we do not have anything against boiled water. But each of our heroes, of course, is entitled to their opinion.

Message to Masses: Brightest Social Water Saving Projects

Social advertising, art objects, art events — all ways are good to preserve the most valuable resource. When the words that the water should be protected, lose their power, creativity helps. We present the projects that really make you think and change your attitude to the problem of pollution and lack of water.

Water and Car: Clean and Environmentally Safe

It does not matter it is luxury or just a means of transportation, the main thing is that due to the increasing number of cars ecological situation is only getting worse. How to reduce the consumption of water during car washing? Will there appear any type of harmless fuel? Weare «Top Gear», of course, but we can give some useful car eco-tips.

Water and Space: Oceans Among Emptiness

Still Watergallery traveled only on the Earth. But why not to make the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, figuring out how things work with water in the farthest corners of the Universe? Fasten your seat belts and, as Gagarin said, go!

Your Best Gift: Eco-Friendly Surprises for New Year

Home, work, children, family are the basis of human happiness. And every time before the holidays, we are puzzled with the question «What presents should be made?» Let's try to figure out how to make nice gifts for loved ones, teaching them how to save water (and not only) resources.

It’s Possible to Receive Oxygen and Fuel for Missiles from Moon Water

In the near future we expect the next discoveries associated with alien water, because we will head the new missions to the Moon and Mars. We spoke to Igor Mitrofanov, Ph.d, head of space research Institute of RAS, head of LEND program about what scientists have to find out.

New Year's Beauty Without Water Expenses

To chop or not to chop the Christmas tree under the spine? Live or artificial? The environmentalists and the well-known cartoon characters argue about it, and the closer the holiday, the hotter the debates are. We threw the emotions out and figured out this question from the point of view of common sense and science.

Water and Sport: Useful Training

Purchasing a subscription to the gym or the decision to run in the morning – these are the real events for a modern city dweller, not too burdened with physical labor. But what to wear to the gym? How to cope with rampant desire to drink a liter of iced soda after classes and where to wash off the fatigue? We'll show you how to do everything correctly and not to spend excess of water.

Save and Preserve: Marine mammals in danger

Ice Melting, ocean temperature rise, water pollution - it turns out that the threat hanging over the entire populations of marine animals is connected with humans. Both 30-meters giant whales and baby- dolphins swim into oblivion due to the activities of their two-legged "brothers." Fortunately, the mind increasingly wins over greed and arrogance. There are species which are thinking about saving too late, but someone else can still be saved.

Water for Babies: Learning to save water from childhood

Educating children is extremely difficult and responsible, and among other things, you have to tell them why it is important to save consumable resources, especially water. The sooner you do it, the better. To help you there are fun experiments and games with water, which will bring joy and pleasure to the child.

Mission Possible: Environmentally Friendly Vacation

Taking care of the environment is not a fashion, but the choice of responsible people; it's lifestyle, which does not depend on circumstances. Even being relaxed and removed from everyday problems, it's possible not to harm the flora and fauna on a vacation, and we'll teach you how to do it.

Valentin Pazhetnov: «Water Needs Attention, Respect and Examination»

Professor Valentin Pazhetnov, the world famous expert in brown bears, has a more than 20 years experience in rehabilitation of orphaned bear cubs in Toropetsky district of Tver region, Russia. In the backwoods he brings up the beasts and helps them to adapt to life in the wild with his large and happy family. Now his unique center is supported by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). Valentin told us about what water means to both humans and bears, and how not to lose the happiness that nature gives us.

Household Cycle: Choosing Equipment

Today, almost one-fifth of the world's population already lacks drinking water. In order not to aggravate the problem, each of us should take responsibility for their own consumer choice. Appliances at home not only facilitate our life, but also help to save water and electricity, as well as utility costs. The main thing is to study the characteristics carefully before purchasing.

Power of Water: Ten Most Ambitious Hydroelectric Power Plants

People have been using the power of water for more than a century: once the wheel in the creek helped to get flour from grain, and now powerful hydroelectric plants provide millions of people on Earth with electricity. We are going tell you about the most famous of them.

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