Brigitte Bardot: «Pinniped Rehabilitation Centers - That's Great»

Brigitte Bardot is one of the most beautiful actresses and is perhaps the most well-known animal advocate. In 1973, she finished her film career, and since then, more than anything, she cares about the fate of our little brothers, the problems of environment, extinction of endangered species. Her Foundation is working to establish shelters and rehabilitation centers around the world, appeals to abandon fur and barbaric hunt of dolphins and whales. It all began with protests against killing baby seals. Madame Bardot told about all this in an exclusive interview to our site.

Let's Go into Water: Tips for Pool Training

The whole world waiting for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, and water sports will be one of the most spectacular. Instead of just sitting at the TV in the middle of summer, why not to set a personal record and not to get in good form? If you have already decided to join the pool, read carefully our recommendations, and your workouts will become much more productive.

Lewis Pugh: «When I'm Swimming in the Sea, World Seems to Be Perfect»

Lewis Pugh is the unique swimmer and environmental activist. He has set many records, among them is swimming in icy water at the North Pole. Last year he has covered 350 meters in the Ross Sea in Antarctica in order to make protected status for this territory. We figured out how it all succeeded.

Quench Your Thirst: With Benefit for Yourself and Nature

On summer days, we often tend to buy drinks in plastic bottles, many people prefer colorful soda drinks instead of clean water. As a result, more and more debris appear in the organism and in the environment. Our advices will help you to detox and to change your habits, not making any little effort.

Elements Challenge: Most Unusual Water Records

Man, as well as other forms of life, came out of the water. And since then he is irresistibly drawn back. Among them are athletes, tramps, scientists and just romance. But what unites them? Their strength of mind, they force us to think about global environmental issues, and how amazing and beautiful our planet is.

Clean Coast : Rules of Green Picnic

Kebab on the shore, in the fresh air is wonderful. But, as a rule, after such events the mountains of plastic plates, uneaten food, packages, barbecues are left on the shore. Some, alas, do not take all this garbage with them, turning everything around into a landfill. How to organize camping so as not to pollute the water and the woods? Is there an eco-friendly disposable tableware? Let's try to answer these questions.

Timofey Bazhenov: «I Hope My Audience Will Never Wash Car In River»

Timofei Bazhenov, a famous TV presenter and zoologist, in his new project «Savage» on the «My planet» channel travels through Russia, with no hotels, guides, mobile, money and tools. Many adventures of Timofey were associated with water, which he truly loves – as he told us in an interview.

To Survive Without Water: Guide for Lost Tourists

Thousands of outdoor enthusiasts go away from civilization to the forests, mountains and other remote areas every summer. Unfortunately, sometimes they can't find the way back, and in this case, the main enemy is dehydration. How to use simple gadgets in extreme conditions, drink water and hold it in the body? Read our tips – maybe one day they will be useful!

Kindergarten for Seal Pups 2016: Patients Are on Recovery

This time, the season at the Center for the study and conservation of marine mammals in Repino started on March 19, and only 19 animals received rehabilitation. The founders of Baltic Seal Friends Foundation Vyacheslav Alekseev and Elena Andrievskaya continue to do everything possible to make every cub able to return to their natural habitat. And we introduce you the kids who have already received names.

Strive and Seek: Identifying Water Leaks at Home

Every drop of water in the world is worth its weight in gold, and the faulty tap or cistern is an unacceptable luxury. In the end, to pay more for utilities in the presence of a leak is just silly. And sometimes a big flood starts with small hole in the flat, and there appears to be continuous losses. Our advice will help you to prevent such troubles and to save water.

Country House Water: Preserve and Increase

A couple of weeks more, and thousands of people will be pulled away from the city on the trains and cars, bored by the winter. But favorite "hacienda" can also make you get bored if you don’t make any varieties in her appearance. So why not to do it with the help of water? We'll show you, how to combine economy, care of nature, functionality and beauty in one.

Roman Vilfand: «Lack of Water Can Change Policy of Many Countries»

Before and After Rain: To Predict and to Use

"Looks like it might rain!" – we sometimes jokingly quote the phrase of the famous cartoon character. But you want to know for sure what awaits us - a shower or a cloudless sky, and the testimony of numerous online weather services, often does not coincide. Will home weather stations help us? We'll try to understand, and to get benefit from the last rain by saving water.

Water Adventures: Amazing Forms and Facts

We are used to wash in the morning, to put ice cubes in a glass, to remove the snow from the porch and to enjoy the turquoise waves. Water in all its forms sometimes seems to be something trivial and simple, but actually it is able to do miracles, and in our gallery you will see the most unusual footage of it.

Eco-plumbing: Protecting Water in Bathroom

We know that good working taps and cistern helps not to waste a single drop in vain, and the shower in this respect is much more environmentally friendly than a bath. Manufacturers of sanitary ware are also thinking about saving the Earth resources, and offer new developments, which you can't help using. Our advices will help you to choose the "right" toilets, faucets, and other gadgets that cherish the water themselves.

Eco-shopping: Shopping for Benefit of Nature

Going shopping is sometimes equated to therapy by modern psychologists. But how the environmentally conscious people need to act when the soul asks for shopping, and the media constantly accuses corporations for the environmental pollution? Read our tips and learn how to do the really eco-friendly purchase.

Tatiana Parfionova: River Is the Most Important Thing

Flowers and grass, birds, fish and animals in the paintings, dresses, skirts, pillows and other items created by Russian fashion designer Tatiana Parfenova, remind of the beauty and fragility of life on the Earth. Thus all things are made, taking into account respect for the animals and the environment. On the 19th of March the Fashion House "TATIANA PARFIONOVA" presented a new collection. On the eve of the presentation Tatiana has told us about the sources of inspiration, and why we should appreciate the water as much as diamonds.

Road to Shore: the Most Famous Water Highways:

Is it possible to drive over the bridge to the sky or to ride on the ocean waves on your own car or in an old train? It turns out it is! Browse through our Water-gallery and make sure engineering genius can not only subdue the watery element, but also create stunningly beautiful landscapes with it.

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