Intellectual Home

Hi-tech way of water conservation at home

Gary White: Our Motivation Is the Fact that 80% of Diseases Is Water-Related

Co-founder of on world water crisis

Aerator: More Air Equals Less Water

Simple nozzles for your faucets: cheapest and most convenient way to reduce water consumption

Matt Damon: We Envision the World where Everybody Has an Access to Clean Water

Hollywood actor and co-founder of on charity and clean water for children

The Baltic Sea: Deadly Heat

Heat is bad for all living creatures – from humans to plants. Sweltering summers might even kill fish

Water in Social Ads

Great examles of water conservation advertisements

Water Conservation: Ten Simple Rules

These rules are really easy to follow. All you need is motivation

Water for wellbeing: Drinking Is Good

Two liters of pure or sparkling water? What do we need to drink to remain healthy and fit?

Fountains: Beautiful, but Not Always Safe to Drink from

Most fountains are deadly harmful for your health. To figure it out you don't have to drink from them. One dive is enough

Drought Busters: Plants and Animals Survive without Water

No one leaves water running when brushing its teeth, except for humans. Some creatures can even easily go off without water at all

Amazing Bridges

Watch us pull up the Palace Bridge of St. Petersburg and read about the most remarkable bridges in the world

Peterhof: The Versailles of the North

Peterhof fountains are truly unique: no pumping system is used to provide them with water

Sewage treatment: Cleaning up the Dirt

Thirty years ago there were no sewage treatment plants in the city of St. Petersburg at all. Things have changed tremedously by now

Water Museums: From St. Petersburg to Montreal

Learn about the most interesting water museums in the world

Biomonitoring: When Animals Help Keep Humans Healthy

Water in St. Petersburg is tested by crawfish, snails and goldfish
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