What Grows on Tree: Choosing Eco-friendly Christmas Decorations

Very soon the beloved by millions holiday will make a knock on the door, and with it, the pre-Christmas hassle will break our life. The best part is the Christmas tree decoration. But what is better and safer: bright and durable balls from the usual plastic or traditional glass? And maybe the most environmentally friendly way is to make the toy yourself? Read and learn!

Be Ready: Christmas Table in Eco Style

New Year and delicious food are inseparable and each time before the holiday the usual type of shopping starts. We strive to buy the best of everything, and more. But despite all the fuss, in preparation for the feast it is quite possible to follow the rules of eco-friendly food – not to harm neither the planet nor ourselves.

5 Artists Inspired by Water

The water element is creative, and it concerned artists for a long time. Some modern artists are trying not only to convey the beauty of each drop, but to teach us how to protect the oceans, rivers, lakes. When the paints and canvas are insufficient, the most unusual means of expression are in the course. Presenting the TOP-5 projects, which we were surprised and pleased.

White and Fluffy: 5 Facts about the Snow

Hard to believe, but a huge number of people on the planet, have never seen the snow. And for us, no blizzards, drifting snow and a mild winter is not winter at all. The snow never ceases to surprise us, inspires records and sets challenging tasks, and this is what our next Water-gallery is about.

Joining Volunteers: Volunteering to Help Nature

Each of us can make our world cleaner and better for everybody. You can start with the shores of the nearest body of water. But if you want something more – go volunteering at one of the sanctuaries or national parks. «Places for heroism» exist in Russia and abroad, the main thing is to look right. Our advices will help you!

Water Arithmetic in Russia: Benefit Installing Counter

The old saying «What is saved is earned» applies in full measure to the consumption of water. More and more Russians are making the choice in favor of reasonable economy, setting in their homes metering devices. What counter to choose if you do not already have? How to protect yourself from fraud and to abandon the idea of illegal «saving money»? What is verification and what to do if its time is approaching? Let's try to understand together.

Mobile Ecology: Water Saving Online

High-tech and mobile gadgets have firmly and permanently settled in our lives. But high technology is not given to us just to thumb through tapes of social networks. Because today everyone can make his gadget more eco-friendly! Read our rating of mobile applications and learn that life in the style of «eco» can be carried out staying in touch and on the web.

Eco-Design: Creating Green Environment at Home

Life in the city cannot be called environmentally friendly. In very advanced cases, the content of harmful substances in the apartment may be 2-4 times higher compared to the polluted city air! This is worth remembering, making home repairs or deciding to fill your place with new furniture. Read and learn what materials will really create your house cozy and which are real time bombs.

Letter from Past: Water in History of St. Petersburg Postcards

Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and water is an integral part of its harmonious appearance. Views of the Northern capital are often called «postcard views». However, the postcards that were produced in Russia, represented not only the main Petersburg. We suggest you to make small but fascinating walk into the past and see what the rivers, bridges, beaches and other water bodies were.

Believe It Or Not: Derailing Myths About Water

The fact that water is a surprising and valuable substance is no doubt. The greater becomes the temptation to believe another tale, for example, that water reacts to certain words or stores information like a computer. Some, after hearing about these miracles on television, not only believe in them, but are trying to educate the others. What about this science? Let's try to understand.

Aabid Surti: Water is a Gift from Above, how can it not be Appreciated?

Aabid Surti is an Indian writer and artist, author of numerous novels, plays, poems, paintings, collages, comics. But he is also known as the head of the Drop Dead Foundation. 81-year-old Mr. Surti does everything to make people treat water carefully. He told us about how, why and what he has been personally getting around several apartments in the suburbs of Mumbai for 9 years every Sunday, with a plumber, and repairing leaking taps for free.

Telling Children about Water: Experiments for Little Ones

What do you think, is it possible to get a rainbow at home? Is it possible to grow real crystals in a regular glass? Can you build the desalination plant from scrap materials? The answer is yes, and it's not alchemy and not magic. You can do all this and much more at home with the children. Plain water and a set of elementary gadgets will help us.

Water on Top: Unusual Water Towers

Thanks to technological progress, the water in the homes is supplied by powerful pumps. And earlier, when on centralized water supply system was yet in project, water towers resolved this problem. Some of them are still working, others have purely aesthetic function. Such objects will be discussed in today's Watergallery.

Country Detox: When the Garden Feels Fine

The summer season is ending. It's time to think about how to make your garden environmentally friendly. The process is slow, but the result will certainly please you. Read and learn what actions and gadgets will not leave in your vegetables and fruits nothing but vitamins.

Hooking Case: Rules of Eco-Friendly Fishing

The most popular male hobby in Russia is fishing. Someone rides over hundreds of kilometers for the coveted trophy, and someone enjoys fish caught in the pond. What is needed for a novice fisherman? Can the favorite hobby be environmentally friendly, and how not to become a poacher in the dark? We will try to answer these questions.

Nameless and Only: We Investigate the Cleanest Lake of St. Petersburg

The first year the CPS strongly recommends not to swim in the waters of the Northern capital, because the water in them does not correspond to norms on sanitary-chemical and microbiological indicators. Or both at once. However, there is one exception – the Bezymyannoe (which means «Nameless») lake in the Krasnoe selo village in St.Petersburg. This summer it was again the only one in the «green» list. We decided to check whether it is really a paradise for city dwellers who dream to cool off in the heat and relax on the beach.

From Source to Mouth: Learning Water Dictionary

We admire the ponds, use them and often take for granted, without thinking how and where the rivers flow, how the lakes emerge. But to truly appreciate it, you need to understand how they work - at least in general terms. Our next Water-gallery will help to understand the terms associated with water travelling on the planet's surface.

All Aboard: Large Ecological Swimming

As you know, resting near the water is the best way of relaxation. And how about spending a holiday not near the water, but on the water, exploring new shores? A lot of impressions from the beauty of nature and great physical form guaranteed. We'll show you where it is best to seek adventure for a novice water-tourist, what craft to choose, how to take care of your safety and not to harm the environment.

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