Adventures of Kroshik: The Seal Pup has Returned to People

Ladoga seal pup Kroshik, the patient at the Center for Study and Conservation of Marine Mammals, is very glad that people are taking care of him again. He loves when he is p and scratched. The story with his release into the wild ended like this: «I'm Kroshik, I do not want to go to Ladoga, I want to be put on hands». He became a real star, and now everyone who follows his adventures, are waiting for what will happen next...

Solar Impulse: Clean technologies are profitable and effective!

Solar Impulse 2 is the world first solar-powered aircraft that has made a round-the-world trip and crossed the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. In the pilot's seat were alternately Bertrand Piccard, the author of the idea, hereditary balloonist, and engineer Andre Borschberg. The team of Solar Impulse, a unique and eco-friendly Swiss project, shared with us the basic principles of work and plans for the future.

Seal Kindergarden 2017: Summing Up the Season

Neva Crawfish Against Garbage: Cleaning on the Upper Suzdal Lake

June 3, 2017, on the International Day for the Purification of Reservoirs, our team has joined the cleaning on the bank of the Upper Suzdal Lake, and representatives of the diving clubs have put the bottom in order. The participants of our action and all interested became heroes of the mini-film, which we offer to your attention.

Water Properties: Ordinary Miracles in Our Lives

Peter McBride: «We Must Remember that Tap is not Water Source»

The National Geographic photographer, director, writer and active protector of water bodies, Peter McBride is known all over the world for his stunning pictures and documentaries about nature. He walked the whole Grand Canyon and sailed from the mouth to the source along the two rivers - Colorado and Ganges - to show how vulnerable their ecosystems are. Peter told us about how he had become a «clean water hero» and how important it was to take care of the most valuable resource of the planet.

Nevsky Crawfish: My Greatest Love is Water

On March 22, the main hero of the Da-Voda website celebrates his birthday. On this occasion we have decided to conduct a "hotline" and asked friends of the Nevsky Crayfish to ask him questions in social networks - about the biomonitoring service, about the water supply and sewerage of St. Petersburg, about saving water and protecting rare species of pinnipeds. We publish the answers here.

To Stop the Desert: Innovative Landscaping Projects

For millions of people on the planet "desert" is a terrible word, a synonym for hunger, thirst and death. Huge areas lacking water, and hence life, just keep growing and growing, and until recent times nothing could be done about it. Our current Water-gallery presents projects that have challenged the drought, as well as people that turn dead lands into blooming oases in the most unusual ways.

Eternal Warmth: Most Unusual Geothermal Wellsprings

Water is the substance that gives life. Even if it is coming from the earth like a scalding fountain. Even in ancient times, people found the use of geothermal sources. And to the XXI century the scope of their application has grown from baths to power plants that produce environmentally friendly energy. The most amazing objects will be discussed in today's Water-gallery.

Specific Hazards: Getting Rid of Hazardous Waste

Many of us from childhood were accustomed to think of a bucket under the sink as universal container, where you can throw anything you want. But not every device or tube can be disposed with other household waste. Read our tips and learn what to do with harmful waste to leave future generations clean air and water.

Water World: Creating an Ecosystem in Aquarium

Aquarium fish is one of the most popular pets which can be easily explained: they are beautiful, and, at a first glance, unpretentious. Indeed, they do not need to walk, they don't chew the shoes and not tear off the wallpaper. But every aquarist needs to understand that in his hands there's an ecosystem in miniature, which need to be taken care of. How to do it right? Read our tips and find out!

Artificial Islands: Technology in Alliance with Nature

Are there any deserted Islands in the middle of Europe? Is it possible to create an island of dust, and how the island inside out looks like? Artificial Islands, man-made pieces of land, often appear in extremely harsh conditions. The most beautiful and unusual of them, real and projected, are today in our Water-gallery.

What Grows on Tree: Choosing Eco-friendly Christmas Decorations

Very soon the beloved by millions holiday will make a knock on the door, and with it, the pre-Christmas hassle will break our life. The best part is the Christmas tree decoration. But what is better and safer: bright and durable balls from the usual plastic or traditional glass? And maybe the most environmentally friendly way is to make the toy yourself? Read and learn!

Be Ready: Christmas Table in Eco Style

New Year and delicious food are inseparable and each time before the holiday the usual type of shopping starts. We strive to buy the best of everything, and more. But despite all the fuss, in preparation for the feast it is quite possible to follow the rules of eco-friendly food – not to harm neither the planet nor ourselves.

5 Artists Inspired by Water

The water element is creative, and it concerned artists for a long time. Some modern artists are trying not only to convey the beauty of each drop, but to teach us how to protect the oceans, rivers, lakes. When the paints and canvas are insufficient, the most unusual means of expression are in the course. Presenting the TOP-5 projects, which we were surprised and pleased.

White and Fluffy: 5 Facts about the Snow

Hard to believe, but a huge number of people on the planet, have never seen the snow. And for us, no blizzards, drifting snow and a mild winter is not winter at all. The snow never ceases to surprise us, inspires records and sets challenging tasks, and this is what our next Water-gallery is about.

Joining Volunteers: Volunteering to Help Nature

Each of us can make our world cleaner and better for everybody. You can start with the shores of the nearest body of water. But if you want something more – go volunteering at one of the sanctuaries or national parks. «Places for heroism» exist in Russia and abroad, the main thing is to look right. Our advices will help you!

Water Arithmetic in Russia: Benefit Installing Counter

The old saying «What is saved is earned» applies in full measure to the consumption of water. More and more Russians are making the choice in favor of reasonable economy, setting in their homes metering devices. What counter to choose if you do not already have? How to protect yourself from fraud and to abandon the idea of illegal «saving money»? What is verification and what to do if its time is approaching? Let's try to understand together.

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